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B.E.M.E.R. Technology to Heal like Wolverine

As you will know if you read this blog, I underwent surgery for a complete rupture of the Achilles Tendon in my right leg on the 24th of June 2010. Yesterday, not quite 9 weeks later, Redhead Girl invited me to go for an early dinner at a local restaurant that overlooks the Thames. We walked to the restaurant and back, a distance of about four kilometres along the river. I did so unaided by crutches.

According to the doctors on staff at St. Thomas Hospital, which I saw last Tuesday, I should still be using the air-boot cast for another 3 weeks, never mind walking around unaided. So how did I do it? Do I have a mutant healing factor?

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Sex, Lies and Relationships

One of the most important activities we spend much of our lives doing, worrying about, trying to get into or out of is our intimate relationships.

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Understanding an overall framework of what relationships are is sadly something that¬† most of us never even consider. We almost never actually ask ourselves the simple question of what a relationship is for to any degree of depth. We are never taught how to do it and most of us never figure it out. As a result we generally suffer far more heart-ache than necessary¬† in our lives and for many, perhaps sadly even most people, the idyllic situation of a “perfect” relationship or at least deep inner peace with respect to the management of our (multiple?) intimate relationships never truly occurs. This post is an extremely brief introduction to the overall concept of what relationships are, and figuring out how to get into exactly the types you want to be in. Read more »

Ancient Radios

Welcome to the first of what will be an ongoing series regarding Ancient Technology. Though the topic will differ, the overall theme will be to show some little known facts concerning ancient human history.

Now take a look at the picture above and tell me… does it look like an antenna to you? No you say? Well to me neither. But that was before I found out about Dr. Konstantin Meyl and his very unorthodox, yet completely scientifically sound investigation. Read more »

Escaping the Rat Race for Real!

Being able to say a permanent goodbye to the evil that is the 9 to 5 grind (more like the 8 to 6 and that’s without travel times) is often seen by most people as the equivalent of the prince and princess living happily ever after. In other words an unrealistic fairy-tale.

Well. Like a modern-day Brother Grimm I am here to tell you that some fairy-tales are surprisingly real.

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