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Project Prevention in UK – I agree with them!

You may have seen them in the news recently, and if so, I wanted to let you know a couple of things the media does NOT always tell you about this story.

Barbara Harris, the woman behind the organisation called Project Prevention, which offers £200 to drug addicts to receive either long-term contraception or sterilisation, has herself adopted 4 children of 8 born to a drug addict from Los Angeles.

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Intelligence, Race and Genetics – Interesting Book


Arthur Jensen is a controversial figure since 1969, when he took part in a magazine interview with HER magazine and was soon after the focus of extreme controversy. He has received death threats, been accused of being a racist and vilified by many. Yet he has also been lionised by an almost equal number, many of them scientists. So what is the truth about this man, his work, and the science behind it? He was probably the first to look at difference in intelligence based on genetics, heredity and thus race, as well as environmental factors.

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Buffalo Hunting at 13

As child, the sight of blood caused me nausea. This did not last long however, as in a family of hunters, it was inevitable I’d eventually get used to it. My very first memories are of going hunting with my dad. I could walk by the age of one, and he took me along even when I was this small. My very first memory is of shooting a .38 special revolver, which I still recall now as being a huge weapon about the size of my forearm. The thing is of course small enough to almost be covered by one of my open hands now, but given I was less than 2 years old when I first fired it into a puddle, it makes sense that in my mind it remains a cannon sized thing. I have also been told by a doctor that it is not possible for me to recall this, but I went on to describe that another man was there, dressed in military fatigues. A fact no one had mentioned but which my dad later corroborated, as indeed a friend of his was with us at the time. In any case, the bullet striking the puddle a few metres in front of us is still clear in my mind today. Read more »

Would you rather be Rich and Famous or Feel Good about yourself?

[This is a long post (a 20 minute read) but on the up side it’s kind of gossipy and takes personal shots at some writers of famous books. And I told them about it too. **]

Ideally you’d want to be able to pick any two (I don’t care for fame really), but most of the time it really does seem as if we have to chose between integrity and monetary wealth. I once worked in the American Air Force base at Aviano in Italy, for a German company who was stuffed to the gills with the most incompetent managers I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. Read more »

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