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SYSTEMA BOOK – The New, First and Only Complete Systema Manual in the World

Finally! It’s here (well almost, but it’s available for purchase at least!).

After a rather traumatic last few months, I have now been able to send off the brand new book for final edits.

You can see more information on it at: SYSTEMA BOOK

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Sorry for the empty post this Monday boys and Girls, but come back for a special edition. Sometime this week (I hope by Wednesday at the latest, but it may stretch to Thursday) I will finally announce here, my brand spanking new, shiny, book, which will be on its way to the editor for the final pass and shortly available to you all.

The Robot Knight – The first human robot in history

NB: The Video is in Italian but I provide explanations with time-codes below

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The Wedding Suit

I think the image above says it all really. My original idea was to get married in a James Bond Style swimming trunks, (white with red trim if you must know) goggles, a red bow-tie and white top hat.

Redhead Girl sort of almost started crying a little when I mentioned it, and after the initial shock of realising this was not due to her being awed by my tasteful dress-style and sense of adventure I realised this might be in danger of turning into an almost normal event. People wearing formal clothes and all!  When we discussed the event I really only had 3 requirements:

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Announcing the Announcement

Various issues kept me from the internet until now, so this post is a few hours late.

On the good side though, in a couple of weeks you will see an announcement here about my second book. I wrote the first one in 1995 and it’s now out of print (although if people are interested in it, at some point in the future there may be a reprint). That was called The Face on Mars and was pretty technical and had a lot of science in it. It also got me flown to London to give some lectures and made me appear on TV in Europe and the USA and on radio in South Africa.

It did relatively well considering how few of them were printed and a lot of it was also plagiarised by Graham Hancock, he of Fingerprints of the Gods fame. I called him on it too when I next met him at a talk he gave and he blamed his ghost-writers. Ah well, what you gonna do.

Anyway, this book is on a totally different subject and in about a week or two you will be able to read all about it here.

So come back to have a look soon.

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