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You are not who you think you are

Here’s a thought for your (possibly hung over) Monday morning: What if you are not really who you think you are?

Aside from the possibility of you being adopted, or your parents having liberally undertaken in the wife-swapping craze of the 60s or possibly having lived in a hippie commune, most of us would ridicule the very idea. And yet, in a very real sense, you are not really who you think you are. Read more »

Black Swan — A Review

I would warn you about spoilers, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING can make this tragic piece of shit of an excuse for a waste of pixels more “spoilt” than it already is thanks to the director of this wild, wild, coat-hanger abortion of a “film”. Read more »

Systema Book Update

Camouflaged Work in Progress in Brazil

Well over a 100 people have paid in advance for my soon to be released book Systema : The Russian Martial System and these kind souls have quietly waited for news of when they will finally be receiving their signed advance copy. This post if first of all a way to thank them for their patience, which has been truly humbling. I have received a grand total of only 6 very polite e-mails asking for further information from these patient souls. In contrast, I have received more than three dozen e-mails (38 if I counted correctly), of general support through this difficult time from the very same group. To every single one of you advance buyers, I want to express a truly heartfelt THANK YOU! Read more »

Stress Symptoms and Moving

My outdated (but efficient) preferred method of dealing with stressful situations

As you may know, moving home is considered one of the most stressful things in life; right up there with death and divorce. In this article I hope to pass on my wisdom concerning the art of moving home. In actual fact, if you bother to research it at all, you will discover that moving rates about 20 points, with death of a spouse being the worst event and worth 100 points (though given the high incidence of marital homicides one wonders how accurate this scale is!)

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Revamp and the Torture Droid

Hello my faithful readers! I have been late for the last two posts, but aside from rigorous self-flagellation, I will not feel too bad about it. Life has been a little insane and I have too many things going on at once at the moment. One of these is the improvement of this site, which will include some surprises and some cleaning up. So if you ave any requests please speak up now.

I’ll get to a really interesting site I found in a minute, but before that let me tell you about some of the proposed changes around here…

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