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On Book Sales

This will be a pretty self-indulgent post on the nature of book sales, specifically looking at my last book, Systema: The Russian Martial System, but it might be marginally useful for any aspiring writers who are curious about book sales.

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I Beat these guys!


Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method


Hagakure — The Samurai Code Nakayama’s Best Karate Series

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New SF Book coming out soon


Image Courtesy of: ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology Digital Collections,

Information Services Division, Gaithersburg, MD 20899


The Image above is for some piece of equipment that The Museum of National Standards and Technology has no idea as to what it did or was used for or how to use it. It probably dates from the early 1900s and all that is known about it is that it was built by the “Otto-Wolff Gruppe“. For those of you a little more au fait with crazily advanced German technology, this should come as no surprise. Read more »

Yuri Gagarin

And a free science fiction story e-mailed to you if you want it (see end of this post)


That rough sphere of metal, scorched from re-entry is what the first man to orbit the Earth came down from the sky in. He landed in a farmer’s field, the heat of re-entry scorching some of the man’s crops, and the farmer, astonished at this Starman nevertheless offered him some bread and milk.

This happened exactly 50 years ago today. Gagarin was probably the first man from history I admired the most and wanted to know about the most. He had flown eight years and few months before I was born, and although I knew as much as there was to know about the Apollo flights, information on the Vostok capsules and Gagarin himself was much scarcer to come by. I was probably the only 12 year old who actually knew the Vostok had a superior escape mechanism to even the space shuttle today.

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PUA Training

So called Pick-Up-Artists (PUAs) have a very real need to get some training. In reading comprehension. The cartoon above is a subtle hint from me to the various “Captains of America” that perpetuate this sorry state of affairs. Read more »

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