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USA Begins Biowarfare on Europe?



These days of course, we are all, every one of us, a so-called conspiracy theorist. That term used to mean you were a tin-foil hat wearing crazy who believed UFOs regularly abducted you for possible implantation of the Zeta Reticulan version of a cheap Taiwanese radio somewhere in your flesh. Anal probes were almost demanded rather than expected. And not wearing your tin-foil hat meant you kinda liked it and wanted it to happen more often.

But this was a brief period. Its height was between 1958 and 1963 really. Sometime after 1963 and the Kennedy assassination, anyone who actually used the laws of physics, rational observation, and demonstrable facts to investigate any of the many excesses of government (but particularly US government) became a “conspiracy theorist”. You didn’t “believe” that Oswald was the only lone gunman? Well you must be a Godless communist conspiracy theorist. And so it went. Shadows of the McCarthy hearings still strong on the tail of the 1963 murder of JFK. So here are some interesting facts for you. You may stock up on that tin foil before you begin reading though. Read more »

For rough times

Because when the chips are down, sometimes, you just have to listen to the advice of a bushy eyebrowed fellow with an outstanding moustache.

There are times in life we all have to face difficulties. As I have lived my life in a non-conventional way, my ups have been great, soaring peaks, little experienced by common mortals. And my downs have been smouldering craters that hit bedrock. In such times, the practical aspects of survival are of course important. Pivotal even, yet I have found from personal experience, that the human condition also requires a certain strength of spirit. In such times, in other words, when the shit has really hit the fan and most of it is out of your control, some people turn to prayer. Personally I have found two poems to be of comfort. Here is one of them, a classic that is more well-known than the other. And just to keep it entertaining, I have added my own little commentary to it too. If you are going through some difficulties, I hope this helps a little.

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An Insecure World

Last Saturday I went to have lunch at my friend Rob’s place and amongst other things we discussed computer security. Mostly as a result of the comments made by Dr. Michael Persinger at about minute 46 of his talk (see last week’s video entry on this blog).
Anyway, Rob sent me an enlightening e-mail today, which I will reproduce here in part witht he links he sent me. It makes for fascinating reading. Read more »

Telepathy – The Real Thing

If you only watch one youtube video this year, I think this should be it. Even if you completely ignore the stuff on remote viewing (I did mostly, because it’s too vague for me) the rest is still brilliant and amazing. Especially what he explains about Windows Operating System at minute 46 or so and the very last question too.

No More Secrets

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