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You should really buy a few hundred copies of each. Research shows owning these books dramatically increases your sexual prowess.

Here are a few thoughts on some of the things I have written.

Systema: The Russian Martial System – This is the first and so far only complete manual on the Russian Martial art of Systema. It includes a lot of science of a nature that hasn’t been discussed before in a civilian context relating to martial arts. It has been very well received by the practitioners of systema, driving sales of the book to reach number 36 in the category of martial arts on amazon in the first month of release. Considering how small the Systema community is and the fact these sales are essentially driven by word of mouth only I was very pleasantly surprised by this and am very grateful to all the people who bought a copy. The 41 online videos you also get access to when buying the book were also released in 2011.

Overlords of Mars – Inception – This is my first novel, released on kindle and also available in print here. It is a science fiction story but relies heavily on real history and real technology to make a case for Nazi bases on the Moon, Allied bases on Mars and alien involvement too. Hardcore SF readers should enjoy this as should history buffs. It would also make a great film, so if you work for Hollywood give me a ring. I’ll sell you the rights cheap.

Overlords of Mars – Stasis – The second book in the Overlords of Mars series is more than twice the length of the first book and a lot more cinematographic as well as just generally graphic in its content and storyline. It has been well received considering I have done zero marketing for this series and zero publicity. I don’t plan to really make any kind of public show/event or advertising for this series until I have finished the first three books. The series will wrap up after three books but I will leave the door open for more as I have at least a fourth book in me on it, but a few other projects I want to get to. The fourth book (if/when I get to it) will stand alone though so will not be needed to give the readers a sense of conclusion after the trilogy.

Overlords of Mars – As yet untitled – Well, not really…I have a working title, but it’s a secret. This is the third and final (for a while anyway) book in the series. It is going very slowly because of life/work commitments and situations, but once it is finished I will then see abut commercialising the whole storyline further. I was hoping to have this book out in 2015, and it’s still possible, but we’ll see.

The Face on Mars – This rather lengthy, somewhat technical and extensively researched book on Ancient Martian Artefacts, has now been updated and revised after almost 20 years!!! It predicted several things which have been confirmed since then. It sold very well when it first came out in 1995 and seems to be doing relatively well even though once again I have not had any chance to promote it and also given that Amazon screwed up and one “out of print” version shows up on the various Amazon sites, even though it IS in print and Amazon site all around the world do sell it. I may fix this by having a slightly different cover for the two versions, as this is what caused the issue in the first place. Absurd I know, but what you gonna do… red tape is the bane of modern life. And using a blaster to solve the issues is just not wise since we don’t have space-cruisers like the Millenium Falcon to get away in.

Quest Magazine Articles – I wrote several articles for a now defunct magazine which despite its ultimate financial demise carried excellent articles by not just yours truly, but also other luminaries of the field of astronomy, ancient civilizations, and other Indiana Jones types. I will be uploading the articles on this site as time permits for your reading pleasure. These will be gradually added at this link when I have time to update this site a bit. So, probably before 2035 or so.

SCOPE Magazine – My very first published work (aside from the long essay that won first prize at my last year in high school and was immortalized in our yearbook). This now long disappeared soft porn magazine was basically the equivalent of South Africa’s Playboy magazine. Playboy magazine was of course banned in South Africa as the vision of fully naked women, according to the then reigning government could lead to the collapse of Western Civilization as we know it. SCOPE in its hedonistic and avant-garde, devil-may-care attitude, ran the edge of the legal razor by publishing pictures of women that would look stuffy in the pages of any European Vogue Magazine. In each issue at least a few of these images featured topless women. The audacity eh gentle readers?

New Projects – About three other books are at various stages of completion. When they will see the light of day is anyone’s guess because I have yet to master the super-power to stop time. But I am working on it. And no. I will not discuss what they are about. I generally never do until they are finished.

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