I have been practising Clinical Hypnosis since 2005 (see some Testimonials) and I was first  professionally registered with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). I was trained by a man whose skill as a teacher of Hypnosis[1] remains unsurpassed anywhere in the world. He no longer teaches, so I am one of the few working hypnotists in the world that learnt from him. Just think of me as Obi-Wan to his Yoda. Luke you say? Why, that would be you, young Padawan. If you can persuade me enough to teach you that is.

Since then I have continued to undergo constant training and study in order to ensure my skill in Hypnosis is of world class quality. Most of this requires one continues to accumulate experience as well as continue to study the works of past and present hypnotists as well as the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience; something I do because I am passionately fascinated by the subject rather than because I feel it is a duty or part of that hateful  four letter word “work”.

Besides the more generalised course for hypnotherapy I have undergone further  training and have experience in the following specialised fields:

Certified Sport Hypnotist – (NESTA)

Hypnosis for Childbirth – At the Royal College of Nursing (London), Accredited by the British National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (NRAH)

I was also a registered member in good standing (for a few years) of the following bodies, all of which require yearly registration in order to be current:

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)

International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT)

International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists (IAPH)

I no longer bother to register with these organisations for the simple reason that there is very little quality control and in reality (like in life) no actual quality control that can really ever be performed. Furthermore, registration is not required for a hypnotist, nor indeed could it be enforced, since ultimately if I can look at you, talk to you, or be in your presence, I could potentially do hypnosis at you. The registration gives a veneer of professionalism to practicing hypnotists, but is no guarantee of anything other than the registered member at some point in the past took a week-end long course (many organisations require no more than this, the ones listed above actually require quite a bit more) and coughs up his membership fees every year to get a shiny (but cheaply produced) certificate. Furthermore, I do not perform hypnosis as my main (or even a very relevant) source of income. I am not good at marketing and selling myself as it is a practice I pretty much hate as it uses up a lot of time and I have a cellular hatred for it, and besides all of that, I know with a very high level of confidence that as far as hypnosis goes, I have an ability that is uncommon at best if not outright rare. I have trained, met or worked with some world-renowned hypnotists and I assure you, the really good ones could care less about the shiny pieces of paper on their walls, and the very vast majority of hypnotists are sadly, quite reminiscent of small children playing with loaded guns. As for the NLP crowd…Lord deliver us from their kind, is pretty much how I see it, for the most part anyway.

More important than any amount of shiny diplomas however, no matter how tastefully displayed, are ultimately the results that a professional obtains in his field. You can view a number of TESTIMONIALS HERE.

[1] – His skill as a teacher of Hypnosis remains truly unique, however I have since then met and worked with better hypnotists (who are world class in their fields, some very commercial and some barely known outside of their specific sub-culture) and indeed I feel my own skill at doing Hypnosis (as opposed to teaching it) has surpassed him a while ago. This is no slight on him though, he remains one of the most competent hypnotists in the world and in any case, teaching and doing are separate things. One of the best swimming instructors I ever had when I was competing was an elderly man in his seventies. Obviously he was no longer a great swimmer, and given his size and frame I doubt he ever was, but his students consistently won more medals.

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