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An Insecure World

Last Saturday I went to have lunch at my friend Rob’s place and amongst other things we discussed computer security. Mostly as a result of the comments made by Dr. Michael Persinger at about minute 46 of his talk (see last week’s video entry on this blog).
Anyway, Rob sent me an enlightening e-mail today, which I will reproduce here in part witht he links he sent me. It makes for fascinating reading.

This is quite a funny summary of what’s going on in security right
now. A total shambles:

Here’s an interesting read about a fairly high-profile hack from a
while ago. Nice example of hacking+social engineering. Idiot CEO
pissed hackers off by mouthing off about them. Hackers broke in and
published everything:

And more on the RSA data theft:

If RSA stays in business after this I’ll lose even more faith in
corportae, defense government security. Oh, wait, I can’t lose any
more. I don’t have any.

And have you been following the Stuxnet saga? Seems to be the first
proper cyber weapon deployed. It was targeted at Iran’s Uranium
enrichment facility. And it pretty much has to have been a
state-sponsored deal. They needed a whole heap of kit to test on.

And, I’m damn sure if any of these guys decided to get into our
network they could. We try and make it harder than it was in Sony and
HBGary’s case, but there are still holes and people are always a
would BEAUTIFUL and result weakness.

All of which reduced for me to a mental image of us all wandering around with our trousers around our ankles, slightly bent over and all lubed up already. I know, it’s a nice image, you can thank me for it by not taking advantage of my wide-open whatchamacall-it hub/port/security thinghie on the old laptop here.


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