Ancient Radios

Welcome to the first of what will be an ongoing series regarding Ancient Technology. Though the topic will differ, the overall theme will be to show some little known facts concerning ancient human history.

Now take a look at the picture above and tell me… does it look like an antenna to you? No you say? Well to me neither. But that was before I found out about Dr. Konstantin Meyl and his very unorthodox, yet completely scientifically sound investigation. You will have to bear with me a little as I try to explain in very simplified terms the work of this rather genial individual. Because of the physics involved, to go through all the technical stuff first so that you do not take me for a complete lunatic (along with the good Doctor Meyl) would be very tedious. Especially if you are not particularly versed in physics, which I assume most of my readers are probably not, and even though I generally am, the concepts are right at the edge of my personal ability to grasp fully, which of course makes it rather more difficult to simplify explanations to others. But fear not. If you are versed in Physics or want to know more, I will provide all the links to the source information as we go.

Basically, Dr. Meyl has come up with the idea that the temples of ancient times were low-frequency transmitters and receivers and that they were at some point quite possibly used to transmit information faster than the messengers of the day could carry it.

There is no doubt this idea at first sounds somewhat impossible, insane or just like a plain old hoax. But Dr. Meyl is first of all not some crazy guy running around with wild theories about crop circles, he is a very successful teacher. The good doctor in fact is a Professor as well as a Doctor and an Engineer. And he teaches the subjects of power electronics and alternative energy technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen. (link to his site)

And secondly, unlike most professors and teachers perhaps, he is a doer. And as such demonstrates his ability to recreate the transmission of power without wires on a pretty regular basis.

You can also buy his book on this subject (along with a lot of background and physics for a total of some 640+ pages) to satisfy yourself of his calculations from his site, it’s the one called Scalar Waves: From an extended Vortex and field Theory to a Technical, Biological and Historical Use of Longitudinal Waves.

I’m sure you’ll agree from the title (and size) that it would be a fascinating read, but perhaps not for your average Joe.

I say re-create the transmission of power without wires because it was of course first done (and Dr Meyl recognises the fact of course) by that other genius: Nikola Tesla. About whom, frankly, I can’t really talk rationally because he is without a doubt the most under-valued person in history. Suffice it to say that if any of the other great men of science had not lived, or even several of them put together had not lived, it is doubtful that their disappearing from our past would affect the planet as much as if Nikola Tesla had not lived. The man literally electrified the world. And yes he did it single-handedly. And no, that Wikipedia page does not do him justice. But I digress (as I always will when it comes to Tesla).

Returning to our ancient temples, what exactly is Meyl saying? It is here I say, bear with me. Or if you prefer, brace yourself.

By constructing a tuned cavity instead of an antenna, one can build a transmitter. If money is no object, then the best engineering solution for this is to build as large and as refined a tuned cavity as possible so that the lowest power requirement is enough to produce a transmission that can circle the globe. By also using wave-guides, the transmission can be amplified and thus made more powerful, and if pulsed in coded messages at pre-arranged times then the power requirement drops again. Meyl contends that the temples where in effect these tuned cavities and that in the old days the cosmic radiation noise and field strength of the guided cosmic waves was enough to power such transmissions. He goes on further to state that there exist enough examples in the ancient writings of the Roman Empire of messages delivered and answers returned faster than is possible to do without radios. And this unexplained phenomena is repeated enough times that current historians have apparently expressed the idea that the Romans had a defective sense of time, because they could not have received replies in such short periods of time.

The amazing thing is that the temples of various gods do indeed seem to have specific proportions and this makes sense given that his theory states each “god” represented a specific frequency of transmission, as shown in the plan below.

In this image the length of the resonating wave-guide chamber is show as L

According to Meyl:

Cella-Length: L = Lambda/2 – Where Lambda is the wavelength of the short-wave band. The type of wave best suited for transmission with low power would be a relatively long wavelength hence the large size of the temples.

In the above case, which is not taken from Meyl, but rather is my own taken from my visit to Delphi, and therefore not possible for Meyl to have “selected” in order to get the results he wants, L roughly equals 25 or so metres so Lambda is approx 50 metres

Frequency: f = c/Lambda – c being the speed of light (roughly 300,000,000 m/sec) so the frequency would be 300,000,000/50 = 6,000,000 cycles per second (or 6 Mhz) which fits exactly with his thesis since he predicts frequencies between 3 and 10 Mhz or so as being the most suitable. And it pretty much does with any old temples. In fact he goes on further to show far more technical proof than I can do here.

Ok. So let’s assume that the Ancients had radio transmitters. What did they receive with? And here is where if you don’t know about some little-known Russian studies done on living organisms I will lose you.

Animals. Or to be more precise, the entrails of animals. Meyl’s brilliant (and inventive) suggestion is that the animal sacrifices were in actual fact ways to see the effect of the radio-transmitters on their insides. Explaining at once the Ancient’s obsession with sacrifices as well as the practice of reading omens in the guts of the slaughtered animals, both of which are not in question.

By sacrificing the animals on the altars in the temple, thus removing other external influences he claims the ancient Romans could read more precise information in the convulsions of the entrails of freshly slaughtered animals than could be identified by the sages from more natural occurrences such as the flight of birds and so on.

It sounds like a stretch doesn’t it. Well, then let’s take a little pause here and get yourself a drink before you read the next bit because that crazy stuff you just read above is going to seem easy to believe after you read the next part, which has been done in the present day in a lab, by a couple of Russian scientists.

Back with your cognac? You’ll need it, trust me. There is no way to simply summarise this easily, but allow me to just add this excerpt below and if it’s not enough for you you can go read the (long) series of articles here: Garajajev and Poponin.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.
Garjajev´s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

Basically DNA has capabilities way beyond what we dared to imagine and in fact it seems that DNA as a whole may be a collection of tiny wormholes, possibly permitting us to alter space and time in some ways, which would explain precognitions and premonitions and so on along with a bunch of other stuff.

Given the fact that Garajajev and Poponin have effectively been able to transmute a frog into a salamander, as well as fix or change DNA by just talking to it (!!!) I think Meyl’s idea is no longer crazy sounding but really just a rather sensible view of Ancient Technology. And as far as I know Meyl is not familiar with the work of the Russians either, making his discovery more like an independent corroboration of what Garajajev and Poponin have already proved.

Not to mention a BIG nail in the ever increasingly large coffin for the idea that the ancients were really just a bunch of primitive, superstitious fools. Something which is in any case impossible to believe if you even just visit the Palatini gardens in Rome with a good guide that explains to you what the remaining ruins of Senatorial Villas are and what the old layout was like. There is no way those people though on the mealy-mouthed, petty, small-minded scale we think on now as vile soap-opera watchers.

The political ramifications of these and other discoveries concerning the Ancients will for the most part be ignored on this blog. Not because I don’t have an opinion. As most of you reading already know (and others will find out) there is little under the Sun I do not have an opinion on. But that topic can fill a few books on its own and ultimately I don’t care too much at this stage if you agree with my views on it or not, so for the moment, as they say in the film noirs, “Just the facts Ma’am!”

As for why Hypnosis really works beyond what modern science can explain…I think you and I now know a little more about that, don’t we.

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  1. Tony Hoffart says:

    So we don’t know how specifically they were reading the animal entrails to gain decipher the code or is that another post?

    • G says:

      Well, supposedly some kind of Morse-code would work best I would guess. Short pulse for dot, long pulse for dash. Short gut-twitch, Short gut-twitch, Long gut-twitch = Send troops fast. Something like that. Though presumably, there is some evidence for thinking that it might even have been possible for Sensitives/priests to interpret the messages directly based on the work of the Russians. Joseph Farrell has a whole book on how he thinks the bankers and money-makers (literally the minters of coins) basically originally were intimately tied to the priesthood as the coin minting and treasury was generally housed in the temples.

  2. Tony Hoffart says:

    Hm, so the Russian work combined with the conversational genetic modification offers theories? I think it sounds like something’s missing. Probably chemical in nature. The animals hear about combat they drop pounds or become more flighty? Sounds like homing pigeons would be still more plausible, though I still like the idea. Eager to hear more about this sorta thing.

  3. G says:

    @Tony: I’m not sure it works exactly as Meyl hypothesis either. but the very fact that what at first sounds like a completely –tin-foil hat over your head to protect you from the alien beam rays– type of idea is actually scientifically plausible is astonishing in and of itself. Even more interesting, my preliminary investigation into this has turned up a couple more points…old radio sets were built with crystals, something that can still be done today if you can find the crystals and the instructions on how to build them and more importantly, it seems that the temples to each god retained very specific ratios of dimensions. These seem to retain specific and different ratios for each god. This would surely be more evidence supporting Meyl’s idea since it would fit with his thesis that each “god” was for a specific frequency. But this whole theory comes even more into its own if you familiarise yourself with the brilliant work of Chris Dunn, which might be the basis of another post.

  4. Tony Hoffart says:

    Honestly I see it as hugely valuable as fiction source material, which is why I’m interested in conjecture of how it could work. Generally these things always turn out to be far less interesting then they appear to be at first glance. It is potentially possible that these radios could be amplifying a homing pigeon’s natural navigation instincts and thus making them more reliable. (I understand that this is based on magnetism and have no idea how radio waves could be related to that, but it’s only meant to illustrate a possible conclusion that’s fairly boring.) Wheras with crystals strung up with entrails cooked by blind crones communing with other temples… now that’s some cool-ass fiction.

    • G says:

      Actually it’s not magnetism and not radio waves exactly either it’s longitudinal scalar waves he’s talking about. (Told you it was a bit technical). As it happens these type of waves bring in the whole supposedly “discarded” concept of aether physics (along with a few other related things like a steady state universe instead of the improbable big bang one). Now this stuff might not be “accepted” by mainstream “scientists” but the fact is that this type of physics, most spoken about by Thomas Bearden and even more relevantly perhaps Harold Aspden (whom I have had the pleasure to meet…that in itself will make a post in its own right). These guys are labelled as crazy scientists but the reality is that both of them have built devices that work and do so beyond the so called accepted laws of physics. They are also not quacks but professionals with a string of letters after their names who worked for years in very pragmatic industries. Meyl is just another one and I suspect several more lie in the wings. There was a Canadian guy whose name I forget 20 years ago that was levitating huge chunks of metal by using some weird configuration of Tesla coils along with something else. Meyl is also a guy who explains (and demonstrates) that the REAL Tesla coils worked a bit differently. He also has reproduced Tesla’s wireless transmission of power, which to date no one else has done publicly anyway. There are two points here ultimately 1) with the current way of thinking we have, it is doubtful if Meyl’s theory hold water completely, however it probably holds water in SOME way. and 2) the technology being used then compared to now is of a different order. It’s like trying to compare steam power to electrical power (and don’t be so sure that the ancients were the ones using the steam in this analogy). And as long as you are thinking in terms of steam technology, the numbers will never add up when trying to reverse-engineer an electric car. Until we begin to appreciate, use and understand weird things like aether physics and scalar waves (which are the only things that begin to explain some really weird stuff that physicist just try to “ignore”) we will not unravel the whole story about the temple-radios or many other things. The best overall theory of physics in my opinion is the one probably proposed by Burkhard Heim (I hope I spelt his name right). Unfortunately it’s mostly all in German and only partially translated into English, but what there is, is fascinating. It’s a physics that actually takes into account living things and it seems to give very real results too. And Kozyrev, the Russian physicist, he also did some mind-bending stuff. So my overall point is…study it as fiction as much as you like. That is how I started too. Then after about 3 years of studying it I realised it was far from just good fiction. But yeah…we all have to discover for ourselves.
      Personally though, if I were suddenly worm-holed to ancient Greece, I would prefer to have Meyl with me than say Kip Thorne. Or even Albert Einstein for that matter. Although you know…it’s not saying much cause a hot girl that understands the importance of depilation would trump them both even if it meant I would have to get by on brute force and my good looks instead of the ability to commune with the Gods.

  5. Kzinti says:

    Some interesting ideas here. Both from the aspects of what Tesla proved to be true and from general knowledge of physics. Part of the current examinations into resonant particles is trying to solve this on a universal scale.

    How do you communicate instantaneously across millions of light years? Simple answer, twinned particles. If you move this particle left, it’s twinned particle, no matter how far removed, will instantly shift left. Not faster than light, but instantaneous.

    You type “hello” into a terminal connected to a twinned particle and on the other end, fourteen galaxies away, someone reads “hello”. I’ll have to go read some of the backgroundmaterials to this post. Very interesting.

  6. Tony Hoffart says:

    Christ, I’m outgunned in this one G. But it’s a hell of a fun discussion nonetheless. I just need to focus on a single aspect of it to study up on because this particular discussion covers a few hugely divergent schools of science that I’m far less conversant in than you.

  7. G says:

    @Tony – I suggest you get yourself Chris Dunn’s Book, The Giza Power Plant. Then Read pretty much anything by Joseph Farrell. He is overly meticulous and as such his books are sometimes not all that fun to read, and some of the evidence is a bit shaky, (but he recognises this too in his own work) but overall they drastically re-shape your understanding of human history. His first books were on the Giza Death Star if you read these after Dunn’s book you will have a more balanced view of it. Although Personally I think Nazi International and Reich of the Black Sun (both by Farrell) as well as The SS Brotherhood of the Bell are basically the answer to what/how UFOs have developed on this planet. So Overall I would say by reading those 4 or 5 books you will be almost all caught up. The Physics aspects can get pretty dense, but no one really gets those. And I mean no one. Harold Aspden was one of the few who maybe did but he had a stroke and now is unable to pass on that stuff directly. I did have something to do with making his work available though, you can find it here: http://www.haroldaspden.com/

  8. Gumosgha says:

    Great site…keep up the good work.

  9. Steve says:

    Interesting article which touched on a subject in which I am actively interested. Years ago, ~1993, I read an old, old book which described communication boxes that existed throughout antiquity; these boxes contained a series of color-coded buttons and would allow two-way communication across the globe.

    I’ve been searching for this citation since then, as my notes were lost in a house fire in 1995. Unfortunately, this article is about the closest thing I can find concerning ancient, technologically advanced wireless communication.

    Thank you!

    • G says:

      You’re welcome! If you find any more information do let me know. And if you found the site helpful, please tell your friends. I want to increase readership from 6 to maybe a head-spinning 12!! 🙂
      The German scientist in question is quite approachable by the way, I have exchanged e-mails with him, but his work remains mostly in German. He may know more about the boxes you mention. Please feel free to expand on this in the comments. It sounds interesting.

  10. medi says:

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  11. opthamologists says:

    I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

  12. Travis says:

    I consider myself new to the study of physics and general sciences. I don’t quite understand the technical terms or even measurements (or how they are calculated, for that matter), but I found your article entertaining and easy to read. I am sure that after some research I will be able to digest the content of your postings more easily in the future. Thank you for posting this fascinating article and for diluting it for a more general audience.

    • G says:

      You’re welcome. A good book on physics in general is by Kip Thorne, I forgot the full title, read it long ago, Something like “Black Holes and Timewarps”. Gives a general overview of things that is accurate for the most part (except for how he thinks wormholes can be used at the end of the book, where I feel he is wrong…).
      Thanks for the comment.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Very useful blog, that is what I have been looking for, thank you it practically helped me

  14. Boris says:

    Searched Yahoo/Bing and ended up here – its good so I posted the link on my Facebook account !

  15. Bernadette Body says:

    Quite a beautiful website. I recently built mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. Did you develop the website alone?


  16. prw says:

    When are you going to post again? You really entertain a lot of people!

    • G says:

      I usually post every monday, but with the holidays I am a bit slack…next post coming sometime soonish…the beach calls…

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