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Red Mercury and the sinking of the Estonia

On 28 September 1994 sometime between midnight and 2 am, the MS Estonia, a ferry traveling from Tallin (Estonia), to Stockholm (Sweden) suddenly sank. The reasons for this have never been satisfactorily explained. The utter absurdity of the official explanations, which at one point was that the cargo doors had not been closed prior to casting off, was one of the reasons that so-called “conspiracy theories” sprung up. But by no means the main reason. Several important factual points make it clear that the sinking of this ferry was not just a mere accident. Now let me be the first to say that I hate the phrase “conspiracy theories”. It assumes an air of tin-foil-hat wearing crazies. We should more properly refer to the evidence as conspiracy facts. And facts lead to hypothesis, which until tested (factually) remain the best conclusion we can scientifically reach regarding the events in question. So let’s look at some of these facts.

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Nazi UFO

Overlords of Mars: Inception


Well, here it is ladies and gentlemen! My first SF Novel in print. Currently available on kindle for £2.06 in the UK and I think it’s $3.44 in the US. I actually wanted to release it for free on kindle as a promotion. I thought it was possible to do this as I have seen books sell for £0.00 on kindle and it’s how I was introduced to some fine writers, but when it came time to do the deed Amazon would not let me do this. I put it in at the lowest price they would permit and I hope a couple of bucks will not break your bank if you decide to give it a read. Read more »

Yuri Gagarin

And a free science fiction story e-mailed to you if you want it (see end of this post)


That rough sphere of metal, scorched from re-entry is what the first man to orbit the Earth came down from the sky in. He landed in a farmer’s field, the heat of re-entry scorching some of the man’s crops, and the farmer, astonished at this Starman nevertheless offered him some bread and milk.

This happened exactly 50 years ago today. Gagarin was probably the first man from history I admired the most and wanted to know about the most. He had flown eight years and few months before I was born, and although I knew as much as there was to know about the Apollo flights, information on the Vostok capsules and Gagarin himself was much scarcer to come by. I was probably the only 12 year old who actually knew the Vostok had a superior escape mechanism to even the space shuttle today.

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Revamp and the Torture Droid

Hello my faithful readers! I have been late for the last two posts, but aside from rigorous self-flagellation, I will not feel too bad about it. Life has been a little insane and I have too many things going on at once at the moment. One of these is the improvement of this site, which will include some surprises and some cleaning up. So if you ave any requests please speak up now.

I’ll get to a really interesting site I found in a minute, but before that let me tell you about some of the proposed changes around here…

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SYSTEMA BOOK – The New, First and Only Complete Systema Manual in the World

Finally! It’s here (well almost, but it’s available for purchase at least!).

After a rather traumatic last few months, I have now been able to send off the brand new book for final edits.

You can see more information on it at: SYSTEMA BOOK

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