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The Robot Knight – The first human robot in history

NB: The Video is in Italian but I provide explanations with time-codes below

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Announcing the Announcement

Various issues kept me from the internet until now, so this post is a few hours late.

On the good side though, in a couple of weeks you will see an announcement here about my second book. I wrote the first one in 1995 and it’s now out of print (although if people are interested in it, at some point in the future there may be a reprint). That was called The Face on Mars and was pretty technical and had a lot of science in it. It also got me flown to London to give some lectures and made me appear on TV in Europe and the USA and on radio in South Africa.

It did relatively well considering how few of them were printed and a lot of it was also plagiarised by Graham Hancock, he of Fingerprints of the Gods fame. I called him on it too when I next met him at a talk he gave and he blamed his ghost-writers. Ah well, what you gonna do.

Anyway, this book is on a totally different subject and in about a week or two you will be able to read all about it here.

So come back to have a look soon.

How to See Auras – A Non-Hippie Guide

As I generally react to most New-Ageism nonsense by the expedient method of inquiring whether the presupposed nonsense in question will stop a strong night-stick from cracking the head of the long-haired unwashed hippie in question, this post may seem rather out of character. Not so dear reader! It is hippies in general, and the unscientific method, that I object to, not the strangeness of the Universe we live in. So in this short essay, I will teach you a simple way to see your own aura, and possibly that of others if you practice a little.

It might not be X-Ray vision, but it may still get you to see visions such as the one above if you use your powers for good. Just remember the adage of that most ancient wise wizard that is Stan Lee. “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility!”. So make sure she comes Powerfully. And Responsibly of course.

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Laying of Hands: A True Story of Miracle Healing Personally Experienced

Those of you that grew up in the 80s, when cell phones didn’t exist, and computers where machines used by NASA, may also have had the misfortune of attending a high-school that had a terribly high male to female ratio.

In these cases, you are no doubt familiar with Dungeons & Dragons.

For the rest of you, suffice it to say that in that realm, every adventuring party that wanted to have any chance of survival, tried to incorporate at least one Cleric. They had the power to heal wounds by magic you see.

This story however is not make believe, or part of some role-playing fantasy game. It is a true story, set in the same reality you and I share.

It happened years ago, when I was only 17 years old.

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Ancient Radios

Welcome to the first of what will be an ongoing series regarding Ancient Technology. Though the topic will differ, the overall theme will be to show some little known facts concerning ancient human history.

Now take a look at the picture above and tell me… does it look like an antenna to you? No you say? Well to me neither. But that was before I found out about Dr. Konstantin Meyl and his very unorthodox, yet completely scientifically sound investigation. Read more »

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