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I’m Baaaack….sort of…and some MASSIVE news.



Well, it has most definitely been a busy time, but…lots of new things coming later this year. A relaunch of the Overlords of Mars series will happen (with any luck) before Xmas of this year, as well as a general revamp of this site. The focus of it will shift to something that is more in tune with a “single theme” as the vast unwashed masses seem to prefer.

But fear not, intrepid adventurer, this site will continue to have all the eclectic, in-depth information it has now, and hopefully lots more, along with my general musings and random thoughts, however…

As you may have noticed if you are/were a regular reader of this blog as well as my previous experimental one, I have many and varied interests, and it is difficult for a new visitor to grasp what the hell this is all about. Well…it was Redhead Girl who actually said it best to me: Everything I do is about Exploration. And indeed that is true. Sometimes I explore the mind, sometimes the body, and sometimes the world around me, but in reality, it is indeed always about exploration.

So…in time I will revamp the site a bit and re-organise it a bit and guess what…yes…we are going to become an exploration club. That is, people like yourselves, who may be interested in the same weird things I am, will be able to contribute if you wish.

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Happy Christmas and New Year!

Well, as the 2 readers 16 bots and 98,765 spammers who frequent this blog have no doubt noticed, I took a long pause between posts for the last few months.

The process of starting a very demanding job again in the cubicle forest, as well as going through the process of becoming a dad for the first time and not forgetting the 41 videos we now have FINISHED and are ALL UP (see for the Systema Book all took a toll. (What?!? you haven’t bought one yet? Hurry, Amazon put them on special giving $20 off for Xmas. Dunno how long they will do this for though as I have no control on their pricing and marketing strategies. So if you want one go HERE.)

Something had to give and after doing 13 hour days at work, trying to keep up training and working every week-end for the last 4 months to get the videos out despite many, many issues, the blog suffered.

But it’s all done now, and we have done some 41 videos instead of the original 30 promised, so we hope the long wait was worth it.

In other news, my little daughter is great and we could not be happier with her, she laughs already and she really is the most amazing Christmas present we could have wished for.

May you all have a loving Christmas and a very very happy New Year, and may 2012 truly be the end of all the bad worlds any of us may have carried with us for years. Redhead Girl, our Little Princess and I all wish you the very best.

Love to all,


Christmas 2011


Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta passed away almost a year ago. Luckily, his work will live on for a long time. Forever I hope. I have always been a fan of his work and read the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs mostly on the strength of the art that so often coloured the covers of his books. Frazetta did many book covers over the years and his art has always had a dynamism to it that made me wish I was born in a pulp novel is normally available on this planet, but I suppose it is the better one of the three. I am working on the zap gun though. And the spaceship is sure to follow.

I have always had a secret wish to be able to draw well. In truth I am not completely inept at this, but I am nowhere near what I think is passable. Mostly because I gave up at a young age when I thought I was not gifted for it, which in fact was not really the case. I just didn’t realise the amount of practice one required. Later I never had the time, but I still hope maybe in old age, if I ever make enough to retire, I will be able to pick it up.

One of the questions I ask people sometimes is if they had the possibility to pick three skills they would like what they would be.

One of mine would be to be able to draw and paint like Frazetta. What would yours be?



Overlords of Mars – Inception. Now in print too.


Now available in book format, not just kindle. Get yours HERE.


That’s right. It’s shameless self-promotion, but I’ll keep it short. So far I have had good reports from the first test subjects loyal readers. Apparently the subject matter is interesting enough to keep several of them up late at night to ponder it, and a few even write or call to ask me what I am putting in the next one. That of course would be telling, BUT, there will be a brief window of opportunity where you can get your name in one of the sequels, either as a bad or as a good guy. Obviously these are limited spots, so if you are interested in appearing as one of the characters in my novels, do let me know. The character may not look like you, but will have your name. In order to ensure you don’t give me someone else’s name, you do need to contact me for this as there are a few requirements I need to ensure are in place.

So…if you want to be a villain or a hero or heroine, send me an e-mail and let me know. I expect only a handful of such opportunities are available in the whole series, so do not wait. Some characters will be central to the story, so if you want your name in lights, act now pilgrim.

Let your friends know too.

Sayonara for now.

Books Online


I am finding it fascinating to discover how the book publishing/sales/marketing world seems to work. It is quite an unexpected set of circumstances that seems to be helping sales of my book on Systema. Shortly after it reached number 36 on Amazon’s category for martial arts (which includes a whole bunch of fitness and diet books too so it’s actually a larger category than you would think), I blogged about it as I was quite surprised it had done so well given there had been essentially no marketing other than my mentioning the book on my blog and facebook page a few times.

These sales had been achieved almost exclusively by word of mouth, and the e-mails I receive regularly seem to bear this out too as people are finding the book very useful, which is gratifying. The interesting part is what followed shortly after this. Read more »

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