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Announcing the Announcement

Various issues kept me from the internet until now, so this post is a few hours late.

On the good side though, in a couple of weeks you will see an announcement here about my second book. I wrote the first one in 1995 and it’s now out of print (although if people are interested in it, at some point in the future there may be a reprint). That was called The Face on Mars and was pretty technical and had a lot of science in it. It also got me flown to London to give some lectures and made me appear on TV in Europe and the USA and on radio in South Africa.

It did relatively well considering how few of them were printed and a lot of it was also plagiarised by Graham Hancock, he of Fingerprints of the Gods fame. I called him on it too when I next met him at a talk he gave and he blamed his ghost-writers. Ah well, what you gonna do.

Anyway, this book is on a totally different subject and in about a week or two you will be able to read all about it here.

So come back to have a look soon.

Would you rather be Rich and Famous or Feel Good about yourself?

[This is a long post (a 20 minute read) but on the up side it’s kind of gossipy and takes personal shots at some writers of famous books. And I told them about it too. **]

Ideally you’d want to be able to pick any two (I don’t care for fame really), but most of the time it really does seem as if we have to chose between integrity and monetary wealth. I once worked in the American Air Force base at Aviano in Italy, for a German company who was stuffed to the gills with the most incompetent managers I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. Read more »

A Martian Wedding

Some of you may know of my old blog A Martian in London, which amongst other things, chronicled my search for a suitable female Number One to help me find my spaceship, all-female crew, and eventual rightful claim to the Galaxy.

My research involved more than a few Earth Females and for the benefit of all mankind I summed it up in a couple of politically incorrect but accurate charts (click on the image for a larger, more legible version):

Read more »

Sex, Lies and Relationships

One of the most important activities we spend much of our lives doing, worrying about, trying to get into or out of is our intimate relationships.

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Understanding an overall framework of what relationships are is sadly something that¬† most of us never even consider. We almost never actually ask ourselves the simple question of what a relationship is for to any degree of depth. We are never taught how to do it and most of us never figure it out. As a result we generally suffer far more heart-ache than necessary¬† in our lives and for many, perhaps sadly even most people, the idyllic situation of a “perfect” relationship or at least deep inner peace with respect to the management of our (multiple?) intimate relationships never truly occurs. This post is an extremely brief introduction to the overall concept of what relationships are, and figuring out how to get into exactly the types you want to be in. Read more »

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