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Black Swan — A Review

I would warn you about spoilers, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING can make this tragic piece of shit of an excuse for a waste of pixels more “spoilt” than it already is thanks to the director of this wild, wild, coat-hanger abortion of a “film”. Read more »

Revamp and the Torture Droid

Hello my faithful readers! I have been late for the last two posts, but aside from rigorous self-flagellation, I will not feel too bad about it. Life has been a little insane and I have too many things going on at once at the moment. One of these is the improvement of this site, which will include some surprises and some cleaning up. So if you ave any requests please speak up now.

I’ll get to a really interesting site I found in a minute, but before that let me tell you about some of the proposed changes around here…

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2010 in Review and my Wedding

2009 was probably the happiest year of my life. 2010 had some challenges that were probably some of the hardest I have had to date, but also some peaks that I have never achieved before.

Both to satisfy my voyeurs as well as an aid to memory and the way forward, I thought I would amuse you by giving you a brief rundown of my year.

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Brazil – Paradise, Nazi Villas, and Kill Bill Wedding

Yes, that is a sex shop, and next to a restaurant. Yes it is right in the middle of the jungle, along some random highway through the Eastern side of Brazil. And no, there was no little village off to the side. Those two buildings was pretty much it for quite a few kilometres in either direction. Welcome to Brazil. Read more »

The Wedding Suit

I think the image above says it all really. My original idea was to get married in a James Bond Style swimming trunks, (white with red trim if you must know) goggles, a red bow-tie and white top hat.

Redhead Girl sort of almost started crying a little when I mentioned it, and after the initial shock of realising this was not due to her being awed by my tasteful dress-style and sense of adventure I realised this might be in danger of turning into an almost normal event. People wearing formal clothes and all!  When we discussed the event I really only had 3 requirements:

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