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I’m Baaaack….sort of…and some MASSIVE news.



Well, it has most definitely been a busy time, but…lots of new things coming later this year. A relaunch of the Overlords of Mars series will happen (with any luck) before Xmas of this year, as well as a general revamp of this site. The focus of it will shift to something that is more in tune with a “single theme” as the vast unwashed masses seem to prefer.

But fear not, intrepid adventurer, this site will continue to have all the eclectic, in-depth information it has now, and hopefully lots more, along with my general musings and random thoughts, however…

As you may have noticed if you are/were a regular reader of this blog as well as my previous experimental one, I have many and varied interests, and it is difficult for a new visitor to grasp what the hell this is all about. Well…it was Redhead Girl who actually said it best to me: Everything I do is about Exploration. And indeed that is true. Sometimes I explore the mind, sometimes the body, and sometimes the world around me, but in reality, it is indeed always about exploration.

So…in time I will revamp the site a bit and re-organise it a bit and guess what…yes…we are going to become an exploration club. That is, people like yourselves, who may be interested in the same weird things I am, will be able to contribute if you wish.

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Exposing the frauds of internet marketing and “life coaching”


The Salty Droid

Scourge of Internet Frudsters


My route to becoming a qualified hypnotist (insofar as anyone can lay claim to that dubious title: Qualified – Keep in mind any certificate to this effect is issued by an organisation that has absolutely no checks and balances on it whatsoever. Sort of like banks really. Or government. And you trust your government don’t you?) was a strange one and I was extremely lucky in that I learnt the basics from a guy who is without a doubt excellent at teaching how to do hypnosis. Beyond that, it was my own obsessive nature that prevailed in making this skill really useful and more importantly, NOT DANGEROUS for my clients and other guinea pigs, victims, good friends. A hypnotist that actually has the ability to hypnotise and does so indiscriminately can cause serious damage to people. This is not discussed much in the hypnosis world, because well…you don’t want to scare off prospective meal tickets do you? Fortunately, as with my martial arts, I never required to make my living from hypnosis. Read more »

It’s my Birthday soon – Help me educate more girls!



As some of you know, I will have another birthday in one week. Unless you are going to buy a LOT of my books, the other gift you could give me that would be even cooler (and that I promise you will make you feel great too) is to support my wish to sponsor 10 girls’ education for a year.

As regular readers will know, I love women. So wanting to improve their lot in a general sense is not a difficult idea to come to grips with. It has also been shown by many studies that educating girls in a region is the surest way to improve the quality of life for everyone living there.

Again, regular readers will know my non-PC attitude to certain topics, and possibly be familiar with my contention that encouraging women to express their natural talents and advantages; particularly in the context of social dynamics, at which they are far better than men. This is a skill set that has been honed by 2 million years of survival pressure that no amount of modern feminism will ever be able to compete with. Trying to make women into copies of men is a no-win situation for everyone, as is the general trend to feminise men. What is required is an intelligent approach that takes into context not just social structures that are often outdated, or worse, completely manufactured for political or economic gain, but also our differing physiologies and neurologies.


There is not a single neuroscientist that I am aware of that states men and women are the same. We are not. Neither is better than the other, but they are different, and for too long, the natural skills at which women excel when compared to men have been largely ignored. A strong sense of self-confidence is pivotal for a young girl, as they are more susceptible to social pressures than boys in general, furthermore, a confident woman is more likely to use her natural abilities rather than try to play catch-up with a male oriented way of doing everything from business to city landscaping.


If all of the above was too ‘deep’ for you then just go with this:

Besides a smoking hot body, the best thing a woman can have to become very attractive, is a smoking hot brain.

Help me make today’s little girls become tomorrow’s awesome women.

Go here to donate. It really does not matter how much you give, even 1$ will be greatly appreciated.

I would also really love it if you copy this link (right click on it and select copy link) and post it to your facebook, twitter or blog pages. Please help me raise the modest sum of $2,500 and help 10 girls for another year of education.




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