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The How Open Are You? Survey



Here you are readers, a little late, but I have finally put together this little survey for you. Please take it so I can collate some spurious answers about random people’s sex lives. I really do have a project in the works and although the results of this survey will not be considered as being particularly meaningful or accurate, if I get enough replies I will publish them in print at some future date.

All answers will be completely anonymous, I really can’t see who you are, so please answer truthfully. Obviously this is not very scientific because there are no real controls, but people lie in real life too, and anyway hopefully this will be a bit of fun for you too.

I decided to call it the “How Open Are You Survey” because “Slut test” apparently has negative connotations for some people. Go figure. Slut is one of my favourite words.


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For rough times

Because when the chips are down, sometimes, you just have to listen to the advice of a bushy eyebrowed fellow with an outstanding moustache.

There are times in life we all have to face difficulties. As I have lived my life in a non-conventional way, my ups have been great, soaring peaks, little experienced by common mortals. And my downs have been smouldering craters that hit bedrock. In such times, the practical aspects of survival are of course important. Pivotal even, yet I have found from personal experience, that the human condition also requires a certain strength of spirit. In such times, in other words, when the shit has really hit the fan and most of it is out of your control, some people turn to prayer. Personally I have found two poems to be of comfort. Here is one of them, a classic that is more well-known than the other. And just to keep it entertaining, I have added my own little commentary to it too. If you are going through some difficulties, I hope this helps a little.

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Revamp and the Torture Droid

Hello my faithful readers! I have been late for the last two posts, but aside from rigorous self-flagellation, I will not feel too bad about it. Life has been a little insane and I have too many things going on at once at the moment. One of these is the improvement of this site, which will include some surprises and some cleaning up. So if you ave any requests please speak up now.

I’ll get to a really interesting site I found in a minute, but before that let me tell you about some of the proposed changes around here…

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Chris’s Travel Hacking Cartel

The above screen shot is taken from Chris Guillebeau’s new product, the Travel Hacking Cartel, which I just joined. Read more »

Living in Brazil

I have moved 44 homes in 41 years of life on planet Earth, and actually lived in at least a half dozen countries, spending a few years at least in each. Add to that many more countries I just visited or spent a few months in, and  one begins to see certain patterns with respect to living anywhere. Read more »

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