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BJJ vs. Systema (Round II)

Well, after my first foray into BJJ, I went to another session, this time with a man that had trained with the legend Rickson Gracie himself. His name is Antonio but they refer to him as Tunicão (Not sure of the spelling) and he´s the head instructor at El Greco´s place in Campeche (Florianopolis). El Greco is actually a Greek man called Christophoros Constantinidis and the gym is located in Travessa de Benção 191 Campeche. The sexy outfit of mismatched gi trousers and top, along with the green belt was very kindly lent to me by Christophoros. Read more »

Brazilian JuJitsu vs. Systema

Thursday, after meeting with the wedding photographer, I went to try out my first class of BJJ. The guys were all great and the instructor was a really nice man with obvious talent and experience.

The class started with some technique work. It has been so long for me since I drilled a specific “technique” that the experience was instantly unrealistic for me. Probably until this day I have never really appreciated just how limited technique based training in this fashion is.

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