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Thanks to Vox Day

Vox Day has recently added an important point concerning the whole international pedophile ring that seems to be at the heart of most western governments that is now, despite the main stream media attempts to continually bury the facts, going mainstream on blogs and actual citizen reporter blogs around the world.

Here is a link to his blog post

Notice how the real fake media, the Carlos Slim blog (The New York Times) and the Washington Post, are trying to hide anything connected to pedophile rings and arrests of pedophiles. 

I think Vox’s last point is more than a little valid. There are very likely links between the beings thatvrape infants in Norway, and those who rape Infants in the USA at the highest political levels of both countries it seems.

On a related if separate matter I am thinking of doing a survey.

Impaling pedophiles:

1) The negatives of doing it in the public square are outweighed by the positives.

2) It would probably be morally wrong to have it on pay per view but you could generate more revenue for public works that way.

3) The correct and historically well-established practice is to burn them at the stake in the public square. Impaling is not required, stick to tradition. 

Learning about Classical Music

To my eternal surprise, thanks to a friend, I am discovering that classical music is awesome.

Pizzagate and Assassination Politics

1. Name Them and Prove it

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see to it pedophiles were garrotted in their sleep for their crimes? And the people doing it get rewarded for their courage and effort? Read more »

…Aaaand I’m back.

Yes, I know that’s from Bladerunner, not Terminator. But it’s more appropriate.

I have had a rather interesting year. And by interesting I mean hellish. I literally still cannot talk about many aspects of my work for various reasons, suffice it to say that the prospect of hunting down fake people in a dystopian future world were I may be a replicant myself feels a lot saner and more easygoing than what my assignments have been of late.

I shall therefore limit myself to general observations or social commentary for a bit.

The good things so far are Brexit and Trump. Let’s hope they form the beginning of a fight back against the forces of evil. Along with the letter by a few cardinals to The Herald of the Antichrist, fake Pope Bergoglio, it may be the beginning of something new.

And if someone starts to work in earnest to expose and punish the sick pedophiles that are deeply embedded in the Hillary Clinton camp, that would really be a start.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to read a bit more online and get off the mainstream media narrative. I’m not joking or hyperboling. There are deeply evil, child molesting perverts deeply embedded at the highest level of most Western governments. This has been exposed somewhat in the U.K. Government as well as the US government, the French and the Belgian governments and most of the judiciary too, and it is high time these sick fucks were brought to justice. And by justice I literally mean hung from the neck until dead. It is time that honest men and women dragged these vermin out into the sunlight and set them alight in the public square.

My Prediction of the Hugos

I am going on record with my best guess before it all comes out. This assumes no censorious SJW vast conspiracy or sudden “electrical fire” doesn’t destroy the unadulterated ballots. I don’t seriously think there is a real possibility of the voting being unfairly counted or outright faked, but… humans. You know the species. Anyway, here are my predictions: UPDATE: Chaos Horizon has the best statistical analysis of the whole Hugo mess. It’s brilliant and exposes the SJWs impartially and mercilessly, because that’s how truth works.

Read more »

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