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Trump’s speech in TL;DR format:

1. I’m draining the swamp

2. Islamic terrorists will be wiped from the face of the Earth

3. America for America, other countries for themselves

4. God counts

Frankly it was one of the most awesome speeches I’ve seen in a long time. Not so much for any eloquence, but the sheer brass balls of saying what he said.

Bonus moment, watching Melania’s face as he was being sworn in. Say what you want, but that woman is not with him for the money. There was genuine emotion of pride and love in her eyes, which were set on her husband with awe.

#MAGA indeed.

Let’s hope #MEGA is next and that for once we’re being told the truth.

Sodalitium Pianum

The Sede Privationists that I consider to currently be the only legitimate Catholics have finally released their brief exam of the Novus Ordo Mass in English HERE.

I read the original in Italian and Latin and it was a real pleasure to read in that using the most eloquent and official Italian, it nevertheless delivered nuclear level orbital bombardment on the whole heretic mess of the Novus Ordo Mass.

The English translation is somewhat less brutal in its effect linguistically but still at least a good Napalm drop.

A small excerpt gives a flavour:

Having removed the keystone, the reformers had to put up scaffolding. Having suppressed the real purposes of the Mass, they had to substitute fictitious purposes of their own. This forced them to introduce actions stressing the union between priest and faithful, or among the faithful themselves–and led to the ridiculous attempt to superimpose offerings for the poor and for the Church on the offering of the host to be immolated. The fundamental uniqueness of the Victim to be sacrificed will thus be completely obliterated. Participation in the immolation of Christ the Victim will turn into a philanthropists’ meeting or a charity banquet.

It is not light reading, but the whole thing can still be read in one quiet afternoon, or several of you take time to ponder the mysteries referred to and so eloquently discussed.

If, like me, you have been ignorant of such details, but you are nevertheless curious about the truth of them, it will be impossible to accept the Churchian version of “Catholicism” after reading this.

Sede Privationists seem to me to have it right.

Ad Gloriam Dei

Learning about Classical Music

To my eternal surprise, thanks to a friend, I am discovering that classical music is awesome.

Pizzagate and Assassination Politics

1. Name Them and Prove it

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see to it pedophiles were garrotted in their sleep for their crimes? And the people doing it get rewarded for their courage and effort? Read more »


This is a thing of beauty.


SJWs LOVE to make everything political. In fact it is their credo: The personal IS the political. In other words, they just can’t leave people alone to think, read, enjoy or believe as they wish.

You need to think as they do or be sent off to the gulags if not the death camps.

After all, remember that it is always the socialist ideologies that have the highest bodycounts. Nazis are evil scum of course, being socialists (that’s what Nazi stands for don’t you know, my young, clueless millennials) but they came nowhere near killing as many people as the communists.

Man-made utopias just seem to always be just one more dead body away from perfection.

Please DO submit any SJWs who fit the criteria to the list, by sending it in to


After all, we are civilised men, not undisciplined SJW hordes.

Besides, the SJWs should be grateful, we’re merely giving more exposure to their ideologies and making sure ANY prospective employers are aware of their deep concern for social justice issues and the fact that they are incapable of leaving people alone to think as they wish, but will instead subjugate any kind of work ethic to first and foremost “fighting for social justice”.

I am sure it will be invaluable for those organisations that, rejecting the gross capitalistic urge to make profits, wish to fill themselves to the gills with people as are evidenced on the SJW list instead.

No doubt, Social Justice Warriors everywhere are pleased to be on the list and eagerly await employment letters from the highest bidders. Hopefully they are holding their breath as they wait.

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