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#GamerGate in Paris

In Which I report on the Evil Masterminds of GamerGate

It was a very last minute trip and I arrived in Paris very late Friday night, checked into my hotel, which, having been picked at random for convenience, turned out to be in a slightly Beirut-looking part of town, and went to sleep after eating the two packets of crisps I had got on the Eurostar.

Yet the Hotel room was not without a certain charm despite it being the size of a small cupboard. This was in the bathroom.

In case you can’t see it the caption says:

La Joconde, Musee du Loo-vre

In the morning I had to get back to Gare du Nord to collect a ritualistic item, too dangerous to be allowed to travel with human cargo, due to the Evil emanations of Ancestral Evil, that would allow one of the nefarious characters I would meet later that day to potentially accept me as blood-brother of his savage tribe, while I similarly welcomed him to continue to reside, immigrant though he is, in my own Ancestral Lands.

Back in my Hotel cupboard I showered, changed and then got to the venue early, though it was closed, because I was starving and had not had a chance to eat from the night before. When I was done, I joined the small group that had already formed outside Le Killy-Jen, where much evil was already afoot, and more evil being planned.

I met up with the Supreme Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, Vox Day himself, who was giving a brief and professional rundown to the security detail.

It was interesting, having worked as a professional in close protection services, to note that Vox was both thorough and sensible in his approach to security, and that the guys he had picked did the work well. Though it was ultimately completely unnecessary on this occasion, many of the attendees were quite relieved when they realised some security was present. It is beyond me how the mass-media and the lying SJWs could even think of labelling the GamerGaters as the vicious racist misogynists, blah, blah, etc. because apart from the obvious rule #1 whenever dealing with SJWs, which is that they lie, they always lie, the reality is that from what I could see these were the mildest, shyest horde of baby-eating mass-murderering misogynist homophobic scum I ever saw.

It was clear that more than a few of the people here were shy, a little nervous and just generally feeling a little insecure. After I offered to buy a few drinks to random strangers and Vox and his imaginary wife @SpaceBunnyday did the same, along with Mike Cernovich and his lovely fiancee @ShaunaGee, the atmosphere began to be more relaxed and even the shyer types began having conversations.

What I found interesting was that the people there ranged from the really shy, probably never-been-invited-out-to-a-party type of geek, who, however, when you gently engaged them, as is always the case, turned out to be just a gentle soul that life had perhaps been a little cruel to in terms of the circumstances which led to them feeling a little bit like an outcast, to the flamboyantly excessive Milo Yannopoulos (on which more later) but there was one overwhelmingly clear aspect which connected us all.

We were all sick of the lies of the SJWs. Each participant I spoke to had their own specific little story, but, because I am a simple observer after all, I noted that, each time, the essential difference was honesty.

What we, normal, decent people are utterly and completely sick of, is the SJWs contempt for facts, reality and truth. We are sick of their lies and utter hypocrisy. In other words, SJWs, we are sick of your FILTHY LIES, and we will begin to expose you in earnest.

It doesn’t matter if you are a couple of punk-rocker kids with piercings, tattoos, coloured or weirdly shaped hair, a Japanese man who now only speaks French, an outrageous Gay man (or woman), nor the shade of your skin, your belief or lack thereof in a higher power, or your politics. The one thing we definitely all agreed on was:


If you are theologically inclined, SJWs are, without a doubt, The People of the Lie.

If you are a secularist/Atheist/Agnostic SJWs are, without a doubt, Liars and Hypocrites.

If you are a noble savage (which to a great deal encompasses me) they are people with no Honour, no Word, no Spine, and no use.

They are parasitic vermin and should be clearly identified as the liars and hypocrites they are EVERYWHERE YOU GO and EVERYWHERE YOU FIND THEM.

Vox, Milo and Mike each gave a very brief speech and Mike perhaps said it best in making it very simple, but they all had the same message, though Vox perhaps focused more on games, being a game designer, and Milo had a half-dozen more references to literal works, possibly Shakespeare, and God only knows what else, because the man is probably one of the wittier people I have ever met.*

In essence they all said the same thing, and I paraphrase:

It doesn’t matter what your politics are. I have no idea what any of your politics are, but we can all agree that we enjoy doing certain things together, irrespective of if you are male, female, religious, non-religious, right-leaning, left-leaning or a-political. We are all here, able to respect and interact with each other, play games with each other, have a drink together and find that common ground we do have and ignore the differences, so that we can treat each other as friends.

Fuck the SJWs and all their bullshit.

Ok so that last sentence was really me quoting me instead of paraphrasing Vox, Milo or Mike, but you get the idea.

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A couple of interesting points were that although Milo doesn’t know me from a bar of soap, my first words to him were pretty much something like this:

“Milo, you don’t know me at all, and I have just watched a few of your online videos and I hope you don’t mind my putting it in these terms, but you need to know, it is an accolade I never thought I would ever say to a homosexual man, but in your case it is definitely fitting: You sir, are a truly FABULOUS FAGGOT!”

Everyone laughed and Milo, thankfully, because he’s a smart man, understood how I meant it, even though my original statement was probably not as eloquent as I wrote it above and may have been more along the lines of: “Excuse my French, but you’re a fabulous faggot!”

Given my shaved head he probably thought I was a drunk Neo-nazi with deeply unresolved homosexual urges.**

It was a real pleasure to meet up with Vox and his lovely imaginary wife SpaceBunny, as well as Milo and Mike and his fiancee Shauna, though, due to my general ignorance I was not familiar with Mike and Shauna before this meet-up.

We took pictures, and of course, in truly reverse Stalinist methodology, instead of airbrushing people out, we, GamerGaters, Rabid Puppies and general shock troops against the SJWs, airbrush people IN. So any pictures you see of SpaceBunny, don’t be fooled, she’s just a CGI. And the couple of hours I spent talking with her was just due to someone spiking my drink. I would blame Milo but I am reliably informed I am not his type, so it had to be Vox. You know you can’t trust those peyote munching Redskins. Or maybe it was part of the ritual introduction into his tribe. Hopefully, as I hallucinated SpaceBunny as being real it’s all good now and I’m in.

SpaceBunny, despite being completely fictitious and imaginary, of course, also happens to have been particularly insightful, because after about 10 minutes of conversation with me she pointed out that Malwyn, may be one of my exes. I was stumped for a witty retort. As my scandalous past flashed before my eyes, it was clear that his could indeed be a fact.

Now, for your enjoyment and complete acceptance as fact, please note this photograph of Vox, Milo, Mike and Allum. Shauna is real and she was also taking pictures, so we didn’t need to airbrush her in like SpaceBunny.


And here is me, the natural bridge between Vox Day, the Supreme Lord of Darkness and Leader of the Evil Legion of Evil, the hordes of Vile Faceless Minions, the most racist, homophobic, misogynist since Atilla the Hun and Milo Yannopaulos, the most homophobic, femi-Nazi-Hunter-par-excellance, wittiest, and most Fabulous Homosexual in the Western Hemisphere.***


I am not sure what that makes me, but as of now, my official title will be Dago, Exiled Martian Warlord of Cydonia. [Update: The Dread Ilk at Vox Popoli have voted and much like in the Red Indians of Vox’s ancestry, a name was given me by the tribe. Apparently I am now simply The Kurgan It was Cataline Sergius that started it, in comment 24 here, but the rest of the Dread Ilk apparently agreed.] Just so you know, I am hellbent on the annexation of this miserable planet, so I can enslave you all into building me one functioning hyperspace ship that will allow me to get back out there and reconquer the Galaxy, as I was intended to do from the start. With my scantily clad, all-female, loyal, sex-slave crew.

It will be for our enemies to decide how misogynist, racist, homophobic etc. etc. this all makes me.

All I can say is the Evil at this gathering was delicious. And I even overheard Vox and Milo planning much more Evil to come. I sipped my Tequila sunrise, possibly spiked with Peyote, reminiscing about the possible Malwyns in my past and wondering just how many SJWs carcasses it will take to build even just a small hyperspace generator. I think many. Life is good.

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*The one I do recall, which was a throw-away line in the midst of many, was something about being in a city where you can troll people by telling them to eat cake. The man is seriously funny, but you do have to be widely read, smart and quick to catch it all. He should probably wear some futuristic apparatus that slows down his words and projects Encyclopaedia Britannica references as holograms around him so normal people can keep up.

**Never mind that I have never been drunk in my life, am on record as basically saying Nazis should be fought and defeated everywhere you find them without mercy (yes they are still around and yes, many of them have mutated into SJWs) and that I am well and truly as heterosexual as it is possible to be.

***He will definitely cut me the next time I see him for not saying “in The World” (but we have to give you some aspirations to keep you fighting the good fight Milo!)

I’m Baaaack….sort of…and some MASSIVE news.



Well, it has most definitely been a busy time, but…lots of new things coming later this year. A relaunch of the Overlords of Mars series will happen (with any luck) before Xmas of this year, as well as a general revamp of this site. The focus of it will shift to something that is more in tune with a “single theme” as the vast unwashed masses seem to prefer.

But fear not, intrepid adventurer, this site will continue to have all the eclectic, in-depth information it has now, and hopefully lots more, along with my general musings and random thoughts, however…

As you may have noticed if you are/were a regular reader of this blog as well as my previous experimental one, I have many and varied interests, and it is difficult for a new visitor to grasp what the hell this is all about. Well…it was Redhead Girl who actually said it best to me: Everything I do is about Exploration. And indeed that is true. Sometimes I explore the mind, sometimes the body, and sometimes the world around me, but in reality, it is indeed always about exploration.

So…in time I will revamp the site a bit and re-organise it a bit and guess what…yes…we are going to become an exploration club. That is, people like yourselves, who may be interested in the same weird things I am, will be able to contribute if you wish.

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