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BJJ vs. Systema (Round II)

Well, after my first foray into BJJ, I went to another session, this time with a man that had trained with the legend Rickson Gracie himself. His name is Antonio but they refer to him as Tunicão (Not sure of the spelling) and he´s the head instructor at El Greco´s place in Campeche (Florianopolis). El Greco is actually a Greek man called Christophoros Constantinidis and the gym is located in Travessa de Benção 191 Campeche. The sexy outfit of mismatched gi trousers and top, along with the green belt was very kindly lent to me by Christophoros. Read more »

Brazil – Paradise, Nazi Villas, and Kill Bill Wedding

Yes, that is a sex shop, and next to a restaurant. Yes it is right in the middle of the jungle, along some random highway through the Eastern side of Brazil. And no, there was no little village off to the side. Those two buildings was pretty much it for quite a few kilometres in either direction. Welcome to Brazil. Read more »

Buffalo Hunting at 13

As child, the sight of blood caused me nausea. This did not last long however, as in a family of hunters, it was inevitable I’d eventually get used to it. My very first memories are of going hunting with my dad. I could walk by the age of one, and he took me along even when I was this small. My very first memory is of shooting a .38 special revolver, which I still recall now as being a huge weapon about the size of my forearm. The thing is of course small enough to almost be covered by one of my open hands now, but given I was less than 2 years old when I first fired it into a puddle, it makes sense that in my mind it remains a cannon sized thing. I have also been told by a doctor that it is not possible for me to recall this, but I went on to describe that another man was there, dressed in military fatigues. A fact no one had mentioned but which my dad later corroborated, as indeed a friend of his was with us at the time. In any case, the bullet striking the puddle a few metres in front of us is still clear in my mind today. Read more »

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