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Chris’s Travel Hacking Cartel

The above screen shot is taken from Chris Guillebeau’s new product, the Travel Hacking Cartel, which I just joined.

If you don’t know who Chris is, I sincerely suggest you check his site out, because he’s a cool guy, his products are good value for money, which today, on the web, is roughly the equivalent of finding viable dinosaur eggs, and even more importantly, the guy is honest.

No. I don’t know Chris. I’ve never met him, and if I am promoting him it’s simply because I think he does a worthwhile job in a cool way and lives his life on his own terms. And I have been observing him long enough to have formed an educated opinion about him. The over-riding sense I get from him is that he is honest and careful.

If you also decide to sign up with the Travel Hacking Cartel ,and you do so by signing up via clicking on the image above or below, I get 500 air-miles….except I don’t because I am not registered with any main US air-carriers, but the travel hacking is still good for outside of the US too, so don’t be put-off by this. And he also gives you a US address you can use if you want to sign up for US deals.


It’s been a hard week as you will notice by this going up on Wednesday instead of Monday, but I’m still alive. More cool news coming soon. This site is about to get a face-lift soon[ish] and the delays in the issue of my book on Systema are seemingly starting to come to an end, though I am not saying anything officially until I have some more concrete evidence for this, as I am learning the publishing world is on a different time-line to what I would prefer.

Stay tuned you half-dozen crazed readers you…big things are coming here soon.

Go ahead. Think dirty thoughts if you want. I’m all about making my readers happy.

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

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