The best way to get in touch for a hypnosis session is by using the form below (or alternatively e-mail me at and including a brief summary of your condition. As hypnosis work forms only a tiny part of my paying activities (mostly because it works so well that multiple visits are not often required and thus I would have to market myself a lot more aggressively than I can be bothered with) if you wish to make an appointment, please provide a few alternative times and try to keep them between 6-9pm if possible. Your first choice will always be selected if possible, but if it’s already taken up it will save time if we have some alternatives that would also work for you.

If your enquiry is urgent, you require my services immediately, and money is no object, then you may call me on: 077 8879 6035

If however, you call me because you are just too lazy to read the FAQ, or the relevant Hypnotic Services link or are a spammer, you may be found wandering central London naked on the search for golden chickens.


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