Darwin’s Mistake?

Actually this clip is a really excellent explanation of why an unconscious, analogous processing of information is more effective than a digital, conscious one, once it has been perfected (this is one of the principles of the training behind the Russian System — That’s right, to make us into more deadly chimps!)

Chimp vs Human

6 Responses to “Darwin’s Mistake?”

  1. yasmina says:

    He’s so cute and amazing but it’s the truth :))

  2. Bin says:

    He’s so cute and amazing but it’s the truth )

  3. He’s so cute and amazing but it’s the truth )

  4. Nafisa says:

    haha, fantastic stuff!

  5. Byrge says:

    hi thanks for the info, It was awesome to finally read a great article that actually makes sense. I will be back soon to read some more. Great writing

  6. Andrew Joseph says:

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