Positive Hallucinations in a Hypnotic Trance

A few times, certain clients required the use of what is referred to as positive hallucinations during their trance state. Arguably a positive hallucination should be labelled as such only if the subject has their eyes open and is actually hallucinating events, objects or people that are not actually there. While there may be experimental reasons for doing this, I have yet to encounter a therapeutic reason for doing it and as in general I will try only the least invasive techniques required to help a client I have limited myself in this case to creating positive hallucinations only in a way that makes the experience clearly separable for the subject from everyday phenomena. As such I have created positive hallucinations only as a heightened sensory experience not unlike that of a dream, that cannot be confused with everyday reality. Both the nature of the experience being in stark contrast with reality and the fact that I would guide them in this process while they are in a trance and are aware that they are in a trance helps to separate the experience on waking from the trance from everyday reality, whilst still maintaining the therapeutic value of the experience.

Generally the experience is not unlike a normal induction with metaphoric elements however these are heightened to the point that from a sensory point of view, the subject becomes totally engrossed in the experience.

Different vistas of epic magnitude can be provided, from the floating above an ancient submerged city to a flight through a star-filled region of open space, but in every case, the client seems to have benefited above and beyond the mere addressing of whatever specific event was being addressed and an overall sense of wellbeing and perhaps wonder we experience most as children seems to stay with them afterward, allowing them a heightened level of fluidity and creativity when addressing their particular issue.

As I only perform hypnotic processes on subjects that I have undergone myself to a very familiar degree, I can similarly attest that the experience is extremely pleasant and sometimes also very surprising as well as liberating. There may indeed be therapeutic value in the experience for its own sake as a sort of balancing of the conscious/subconscious/unconscious processes to some degree.

Should you be interested in undergoing such a process you might want to read up on the Help Wanted section under Hypnosis Experiments and Clinical Trials or perhaps simply hire me specifically for the process.

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