Is Your Hypnosis Service a main point of this site? (Actually, No)

This may seem strange, but the main point of this web-site is not Hypnosis, it’s exploration.

Hypnosis is just something I do and I enjoy doing. I also write books, do martial arts, and several other things besides. (See Books I Wrote and  Other Stuff I Do if you care), but promoting my work is not actually the primary reason this site exists. The primary reason it exists is a little more complicated and actually revolves more around you than you imagine.

NB: If you want to avoid all the long explanation and just skip to a bullet-point list, just scroll to the bottom.  You will still not know the primary reason that concerns you or how it possibly could concern you, but that’s ok too.

As you will have noticed if you browse around, I write this site mostly in a humorous and I hope entertaining way. I don’t care if I scare off “potential clients” with this attitude or if people think me an arrogant fool or whatever other negative vibes they may try to send my way. The reason for this is that basically I am genuinely really happy most of the time, most days, in most circumstances —and no I do not consume large amounts of drugs (and never have)— Nor is it because I have the perfect life. My second marriage recently failed and I have a daughter I have not seen other than a few weeks in the last year and a half and she is growing up far from me on another continent and speaking a language I don’t. This istuation naturally cannot make me happy, nor am I a deluded fool going around telling myself “I am happy, I am happy” and drinking the self-help books/seminar/ kool-aid. No. The reason is that aside from truly tragic situations, we can mostly choose how we react to the sad, hurtful, harsh parts of life. Learning to do so is really the next step in human civilisation.

 Life is a continually evolving process. And most of us have many issues to overcome before we can see life this way. For most of my life I was angry at a great many things, trapped in patterns of behaviour that did not serve me well, believed I could not connect meaningfully with most human beings, felt my purpose in life was too vast for me to realistically achieve and struggled to maintain relationships that were important to me in any kind of harmonious balance.

My problems may have been different from yours, but their origin and nature are not different from anyone else’s for the extremely vast majority of cases. The primary two reasons being essentially this:

1. You have been lied to from the start. Life does not work the way you have been told it does.

2. Almost everything you think you believe is not actually your own belief but rather a left-over (often out-dated and even more often misrepresented and misinterpreted) meme whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

The problem is compounded by the fact that even though the two above statements are essentially true, the way to move beyond them only begins when you take on full responsibility for them both and do not waste any more energy blaming some external factor (however real it may have been in shaping you) or using it as an excuse to stop you from taking hold of yourself and shaping yourself into the person you not only want to be, but sense are destined to be. That person so few of us get to meet that truly embodies your real self. That guy that is behind what some Zen Japanese call “the Mask”. The real you, which has been lied to, beaten down and trapped inside.

Unless you live life on your own terms, make your living doing what you love, have the kind of relationships you truly want to have, wake up happy every day and enjoy everything that will come at you pretty much every day of your life, then whether you know it or not, you have not yet found your true self my friend.

So in a nutshell, this is mostly what this site is about, and throughout it are scattered many of the ways of ensuring you can get there. The first step to having the life you really want, the so-called “Dream Life” that so many tell you is impossible to have is to first of all, clear your mind of counter-productive, destructive or self-sabotaging belief systems. After that, the rest is easy by comparison, even if you start out broke, homeless and friendless. And if you want to get a start on that you could begin here.

So this site is mostly about you and how you can find your own personal freedom and happiness. Free from the drudgery of the rat-race as well as evil patterns of behaviour that really have nothing to do with you, or living well, but that nevertheless got implanted there somewhere along the way of your life.

It is also about the things I enjoy doing, the way I see things and many other interesting things, but primarily it is about you. It’s mostly about you because I am pretty selfish you see. Indeed. And it has been my observation that even though I personally know at least a couple of multi-billionaires, and more than a few multi-millionaires, the truth is that it is extremely rare for me to meet anyone that is truly happy.

I measure success not by how much money or “power” you have access to. Or what car you drive, or how big your home is, or how many starving orphans you save (I have met enough sad people that “save” starving orphans as a way of raising their own sense of social status, and believe me, these are some of the saddest people I know). I measure your success by one thing only. What is your average happiness quotient every day if we could measure it for a year? Anything less than a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 would indicate to me you are not only not successful, but you’re just not happy enough. Honestly, my own quotient of happiness measured this way has been well-over 8 for at least say the period 2006-2012. And for at least a few of those years it was probably hovering near or maybe even a little beyond a 9 a few years running. My happiness quotient did take a crushing free-fall in 2013, but now it’s getting back up there, and this it did not do by chance or luck.

I also tend to not “give” 10 as a result because I think one can really always be just a bit happier (and this is a good thing. I have that as a rule not because it make me feel somehow just a little bit unfulfilled, but because it makes me feel very excited at what is just around the next corner!)

So that’s basically it. This site is here to help you get happier first and foremost. Why, you ask, oh my poor skeptical friend? Well I told you, because I am basically selfish. But what does this really mean? Is it because I want to take your money? Because I want to brainwash you into becoming my personal sex slave and cultish follower?

Because I am about to unleash upon you the rabid dogs of internet marketing, endless spam and junk mail in your inbox?

Actually no.

It’s a much more important reason than that.

I would like the world to have more happy people in it. Truly happy people in it. The more truly happy, truly free human beings there are on this planet, the more we can make our joint experience here a beautiful, interesting, mind-blowingly exciting one.

I don’t really object to you giving me large quantities of cash, being my personal sex slave (though you should really read the About Me section before assuming just anyone can become it) or becoming my personal cult follower —you must do what you need to to be happy after all, and as long as you’re causing no harm, who am I to stand in the way of that — but it’s not really the point.

If you want to hire me along the way to do some hypnosis on you or for one of the other reasons people usually give me money (see Other Stuff I Do) then great, but even if you never give me a penny or leave me a single comment of adulation, gratitude and eternal loyalty, well, you can still find in these pages enough information to help show the way to that happy place that is your life as you want and desire it.

If you also have an interest in one of these things below (in no particular order) then you’re also in the right place pretty much regardless:

  • Ancient Technology that beats modern technology
  • The Real Origins of Humanity
  • The Truth about anything in general (and unlike many journalists, politicians and pointy-haired cubicle-farm managers, you actually understand that yes, there is such a thing as an objective truth in pretty much any situation, and no, we do not all have “our own truths” and they are most certainly not all equally valid)
  • How the Human Mind-Brain and nervous system really works (If it does not interest you yet, then trust me, you just don’t know enough about it. If you did you would be amazed. Especially at the latest discoveries coming out)
  • The Nature of Reality and the laws governing it
  • Natural Science (as opposed to the somewhat robotic Exact Sciences most of us are familiar with)
  • Sexy, Intelligent Women who are not ashamed of their sexuality nor contemptuous of their femininity
  • Men who are still Men (which is different from being a belligerent, misogynistic, frustrated drunk. Or anyone that reads the Sun “newspaper”)

I hope that answers your question. As for the rabid dogs of internet marketing? Sorry, you will have to go elsewhere for that. I only want people here that want to read and enjoy my site because they like it and find it useful, I am not trying to sell you anything specifically. If you do want to hire me that’s just fine by me. And if you do not, that’s just fine by me too.

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