What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state which bypasses to some degree or other the conscious mind and accesses untapped resources of the subconscious and/or unconscious mind. Such resources are presently ill-defined in terms of capabilities because we have as yet to find a way to measure them in a meaningful way. Though certain physiological human limits are known, the power of the mind to alter even physiological factors is being discovered now as being far more powerful than was ever thought possible, even from a medical perspective.

Presently Hypnotherapy is the most natural, non-invasive method of resolving, alleviating or curing just about any type of ailment, disturbance or difficulty a person may be experiencing. Whether this is of a physical or mental nature. Complaints might range from cancer to a personal habit one wishes to change, be it shyness or smoking or depression.

While hypnosis will at the very least make the process of anything easier, it is not a substitute for other medical attentions. If you wish to stop smoking you would do well to visit a hypnotherapist. If on the other hand you have a broken leg, you would do well to visit a medical doctor to set the bone correctly first. After which you may then indeed visit a hypnotherapist to help you recover and heal faster and more efficiently of course.



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