What is this site all about? It’s kinda confusing!

This site is not for your average blog reader. If such a creature exists, I am told he/she/it has a very short attention span, cannot comprehend any kind of depth on any topic, doesn’t understand logic, science or much about reality in general and if you should stray, however little, from talking about one monolithic subject and ONLY that subject on your blog, they will click away within seconds to go read something more “fun”. Like their friends’ facebook status presumably. Or maybe to google lolcats. Well. I fucking HATE lolcats.

This site is for people who have more in their  mind than a single dimension. It is an exposé of various interests, hobbies and topics that interest me. To keep it simple (for the FAQ anyway), you can broadly speaking say the site has several different areas, so just scroll down and read up on the aspect that interests you most first.

Books I Wrote

Just what it says. I like writing and I have rather varied interests, so you should be able to find at least one title that is of some interest. I hope to one day make my living solely from writing, so if the mood takes you, please go ahead and buy pallet loads of each of my titles. Give them out to friends and family at every occasion, no matter how little. Hell, give them out to strangers and on street corners too. You will become more popular, have better quality of friends, improve your results with the opposite sex, and, most importantly, you would really be making a difference. To me. That’s a difference you can really measure. You know it, because if I ever become filthy rich, I plan to grow old in style. I’ll be the older gentleman in the speedo on the beach. With a large gold medallion. I don’t like bling, but for you guys, my loyal, palletful of book buying readers, I’ll go out of my way to document the effects of your generosity and kindness of heart.



The world we inhabit, and the universe we find ourselves in, is an absolutely incredible and fascinating thing. In truth, almost everything I do stems from my ever-growing curiosity about many, many things. Chief amongst them (but not exclusively) are:

  • The true origins of Humanity — Ancient astronaut theories, artefacts of artificial origin on Mars and the Moon (and elsewhere?), archaeology, anthropology, biology, physics, geology, and pretty much anything else that relates to this topic in some way. And most topics do relate in some way.
  • The actual physical exploration of remote, ancient or otherwise interesting sites around the world.
  • The truth of historical events, as opposed to the more commonly told “stories” relating to them.
  • The human mind.
  • The theories of physics espoused by people like Nikolai Kozyrev and Burkhard Heim, which accounted for the variability of time and the allowance of consciousness and living things in their theories.
  • So called “free energy” systems or “over-unity” devices. Such as those described in detail by people like Thomas Bearden and build by people like Hans Coler
  • Antigravity machines (aka UFOs)
  • Space. And everything in it.
  • Faster than light travel (aka wormholing, hyperspace etc.)
  • The work of a really obscure but amazingly brilliant Russian scientist, P. Garaiev (there a few alternate spellings of his name)
  • Telepathy, transfer of information at a distance, and the fact that our DNA may be a substance that naturally creates mini-wormholes.

It is my hope to create (with your help) a group of interested parties that will work together co-operatively and honestly in order to further the knowledge of all. Our research would focus on those “edge-of-science” subjects that have now been ignored by the senile mainstream for far too long. SOE is my version of an organisation that is funnily enough (yet also appropriately, for real science embraces life, and thus humour!) probably best represented by Tesladyne Technologies, the comic book featuring Atomic Robo. Possibly also represented by the B.P.R.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence) the organisation that Hellboy works for (yes they are both comic book characters, what’s your point? I am actually serious).

In time the contributors to SOE, it is my fervent hope, will add to the body of knowledge found in the Adventure Science Library…wait the what…?

Adventure Science

Science, real science that is, not what passes for it in the newspapers, and sadly, increasingly in supposedly “peer-reviewed” journals, is exciting. It’s fun, it’s thrilling and it stimulates the mind. It can also kill you dead. Real science is not a dead subject. It is very much a living thing. Read up on what tape recorders where originally first put to use for (recording the voices of the dead – feel free to skip the bit about the theosophists if you want, the science part is lower down). Read up on how it’s possible the ancients had radio. And that the reason it would not work now is because of how we have overpopulated and overpolluted the planet with a myriad, and some say toxic, frequencies of broadcast.

We need more Adventure Scientists! Yes it’s spelt with the capitals. And I would like YOU, yes YOU! To become one. I want people that are interested in these subjects and who are ready to make a contribution by beginning an exploration of whatever subject takes their fancy, and then write a report or an article for the website. Why would you do that? Because you would become part of a group of Adventure Scientists. Because you would definitely always get credit for all your original work (as well as retain your copyright in full). Because you can place links to your own site (but see the guidelines on How to Submit and Article at the Adventurescience.info site). But most of all, because there is no reason a group like that could not have a completely illegal amount of fun while possibly making discoveries of global importance. And no, you do not need to have a PhD or a master’s degree or anything else other than the ability to do science properly, that is carefully, but with the spirit of exploration coursing through your veins. You need not carry a loaded magnum in your research, but you do need to be able to do decent research. We don’t care about your qualifications, we care about your results and the exactness of your margins of error.


You could think of this as just a large subset of Adventure Science. The human mind is fascinating and hypnosis is a great skill that still has much art in its science, as it should be perhaps, in order to achieve the best results. I originally began my foray into hypnosis quite by chance, but I was soon obsessed and I have since ventured into attending the meetings of various cults in order to see just what treachery lies in the hearts of those who would use underhand methods to indoctrinate the unsuspecting. I do not advise untrained persons follow in my footsteps by the way. If you have any intention of doing so I strongly suggest you first of all educate yourself thoroughly on what LGAT is (Large Group Awareness Training) or, brainwashing to you and me. I am a trained hypnotist, and have done some outrageous stuff with it, mostly on myself, because the one golden rule of hypnosis, as far as I am concerned is that when doing it on others, ethics are not just a good idea, they are the inflexible law. Sadly most hypnotists are of piss-poor quality and of rather flexible morals. I do not say this lightly. I have spent at least a year educating myself obsessively, to the tune of 8 hours a day every day, plus additional hours in self-induced trances in order to really understand and get a good working knowledge of hypnosis. There are a few good hypnotists out there, but they are few and far between. they are also generally outnumbered by the incompetent ones (a huge proportion) and the narcissistic/sociopathic/I-am-your-guru types. I do offer hypnosis services, but I also have several hypnosis related articles both on the blog as well as on the Adventure Science Library. As time permits I will upload more of these. Do take a look, my articles do not tend to be your average re-hashed, run of the mill stuff about hypnosis, I’m pretty sure you will find some of them interesting what with my discussing the murdering coke-snorting gurus, sex-starved pick-up artists and a general menagerie of misinformation about hypnosis.

Other Stuff I Do

I have other interests too, some of which are part of my work, in brief:

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