Will it Work On Me?

Yes. That’s the short answer. The more complete answer is that your level of success will for the most part depend on your level of conscious commitment to changing the situation you wish to change, regardless of what it might take. Given a good attitude in that regard, the next most important factor is the skill of the Hypnotherapist. It is of course difficult to quantify certain results that may not fall into an easily distinguished category. For example smoking cessation is easy to define in terms of success. Does the patient stop smoking or not? With other issues, such as wanting to have a better memory for example, it might be difficult to be able to measure it in a meaningful way if clear goals have not been set first. The setting of these goals can and often does form part of the initial theraphy.

To date however, over a period of about three years, every single one of my clients has been satisfied with the sessions they have had with me. See the testimonials that a few have left, which discuss the types of therapies that I did with them. In some cases you may even contact the client directly (with their consent only) to check for yourself on how they feel about the results.

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