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Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta passed away almost a year ago. Luckily, his work will live on for a long time. Forever I hope. I have always been a fan of his work and read the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs mostly on the strength of the art that so often coloured the covers of his books. Frazetta did many book covers over the years and his art has always had a dynamism to it that made me wish I was born in a pulp novel is normally available on this planet, but I suppose it is the better one of the three. I am working on the zap gun though. And the spaceship is sure to follow.

I have always had a secret wish to be able to draw well. In truth I am not completely inept at this, but I am nowhere near what I think is passable. Mostly because I gave up at a young age when I thought I was not gifted for it, which in fact was not really the case. I just didn’t realise the amount of practice one required. Later I never had the time, but I still hope maybe in old age, if I ever make enough to retire, I will be able to pick it up.

One of the questions I ask people sometimes is if they had the possibility to pick three skills they would like what they would be.

One of mine would be to be able to draw and paint like Frazetta. What would yours be?



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