Hypnosis Experiments and Clinical Trials


If you have read the section on Hypnotic Experiments or Clinical Trials, you might be willing to take part in something like that. For the record, at present I would be willing to work with people wanting to take part in one of the Clinical Trials I would like to run or alternatively providing a good number of people willing to take part in various hypnotic experiements. In particular, if you are a University student or lecturer and would like to help with some hypnotic experiments then I would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Particularly if you can help with providing a number of volunteers. Due to its nature, hypnosis is problematic from a statistical point of view when designing experiments in a scientifically sound manner. It is therefore ideal if one has a large pool of people to select from. In fact, even the process of qualifying for an experiment or not can itself be an interesting area of study when it comes to hypnosis.

Ideally a whole department of some progressive University would be willing to provide their students with an opportunity to work on some hypnosis experiments. There are a number of them that I think could provide excellent scientific material for study and would be useful as part of a curriculum of many disciplines, ranging from behavioural psychology to cognitive neuroscience.

Should you or your department be interested in working together on a project, simply use the contact form giving your details and a brief outline of your proposal. I am experienced in working in an academic, scientific or research environment so you should find that integration with even existing programs you may already be running would be problem-free.

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