There are good guys and there are bad guys. This is not religion, it is a sad fact of our human condition. On this page you will find short descriptions and links to outside sources on the friends of Adventure Science, SOE, Humanity in general, or just all-roound good guys we respect. As with the Villains, we have divided this into three sections: Deceased, Living and Fictional.



Nikola Tesla

Without a doubt, the greatest inventor in all of recorded human history. If this man had not lived, you would not be reading this. Because there would be no computers. Because there would be no alternating current. That’s right, you would be sitting in the dark. With a candle, or worse still, an Edison powered lamp. Probably connected to one of the polluting power stations you would have to have on every city block. And your lamp would flicker every time the Edison Power Company electrocuted a dog or two. Which they would do; just for fun. Because that is how the Edison Power Co. would roll.


Harold Aspden

I met Harold shortly before his passing. Although much impaired already, I could still sense the mind of a truly remarkable individual had been embodied in this humble and charming man. His wife was keen to have his works available to as many people as possible for no cost. I was able, together with my friend Ken, to ensure a site with as much of his work as possible remains on the Internet for as long as possible. Please feel free to mirror the site anywhere you want, just be kind and give some credit. Particular to his wife Wendy, who was the perfect Lady to Harold’s almost classical Adventure Science gentleman. His books and discoveries put the lie to the “modern” idea that “discredited” Aether science. In fact, by tracing some late 19th century papers, he demonstrated that Einstein’s famous E-mc2 had already been described by others. If you are a serious student of “free energy” science and devices, you should really look into this man’s work, which is extensive and completely rooted in real science.



Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The greatest living explorer. Kind of says it all. I have met him twice and there is too much to this man to be able to encapsulate it in a sound byte. I think I have read all of his books to date too and even then you are still really only scratching the surface. He has achieved more, done more and survived more than any dozen modern adventurer-explorers put together. He is a very sharp individual, and has a cutting wit, which he uses to masquerade what is at heart a noble and humble heart. I also found that he is, in the true spirit of the explorer, extremely generous with his advice and experience once he has satisfied himself you are not just a casual tourist. If you ever get the chance to go to one of his lectures, do whatever you have to do to attend. You will not regret it. I have seen him do a one hour presentation without a pause or a sip of water and every second of it was riveting. Mostly because you can tell from the context that for every incredible thing he casually mentions, there are an unknown number of equally astonishing feats he just doesn’t bother to talk about. I also think he’s probably one of the toughest men alive. If you ever have him as a dinner guest, please invite me!




Atomic Robo

I created this new revamped site with SOE as the main theme before I ever met Atomic Robo, but shortly thereafter, synchronicity (no it’s not magic! Read Rupert Sheldrake’s books!) saw to it that I began finally using my iPad for something actually useful. Reading Atomic Robo comics of course. I like them even more than Hellboy, mostly because the writers actually KNOW a lot of stuff about real science and the real history of science.




Jenkins is my kind of scientist. He kills vampires bare-handed, always has a weapon on him, and deals with dangerous enemies through the use of applied logic, calm reason and overwhelmingly brutal force.

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