How to See Auras – A Non-Hippie Guide

As I generally react to most New-Ageism nonsense by the expedient method of inquiring whether the presupposed nonsense in question will stop a strong night-stick from cracking the head of the long-haired unwashed hippie in question, this post may seem rather out of character. Not so dear reader! It is hippies in general, and the unscientific method, that I object to, not the strangeness of the Universe we live in. So in this short essay, I will teach you a simple way to see your own aura, and possibly that of others if you practice a little.

It might not be X-Ray vision, but it may still get you to see visions such as the one above if you use your powers for good. Just remember the adage of that most ancient wise wizard that is Stan Lee. “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility!”. So make sure she comes Powerfully. And Responsibly of course.

My own foray into seeing auras happened quite spontaneously in my mid-twenties. How that came about and what happened later is a long story and one for another time, but it should be noted that being as I have an explorer’s heart encased in a scientist’s body, my first thought on seeing what I still cringe at calling a “Spirit Guide”, which was behind a speaker on a podium, was that I must have had some dirt under my contact lens. When rubbing my eyes did not make the ghost-like image behind the speaker disappear I reached the next sensible conclusion, which was of course that I must be going insane.

As it happened, the lady in question whose guide I could see, was giving a talk on some aspect of spirituality that I can no longer recall, and frankly I was not really listening to even when present. The next speakers were also ladies and I could clearly see their top chakra as an inverted little hat on the top of their heads. At that time of course I just thought I had really lost it. After her talk, I went to see the first lady whose “Spirit Guide” I had seen, and tried to enquire about this without sounding utterly deranged. She non-chalantly said it was probably just her Spirit Guide as it was normal for her to receive such other-wordly guidance when giving a talk. And I swear to you gentle reader that in that precise moment, my skeptical heart made me have this conscious thought, which I still recall clearly as if it were only a few minutes ago:

Man, just look at these damn hippies, they will say ANYTHING just to make you believe their nonsense. Spirit Guides my A…

And I didn’t finish the thought, because at that moment a very refined gentleman with that quality of bearing only a true English Gentleman has (a now practically extinguished breed), stood up and said:

“Yes, and did you notice how the next two speakers had a kind of little hat on top of their heads, like a funnel…”

Now I hadn’t said a word about that, but clearly this man, who turned out to be the lady’s husband, had seen the same thing. It was only here that I began to think that perhaps there was more to what I had seen than just me losing my mind.

Learning to see auras is actually a relatively simple skill to transfer. If you follow the steps detailed here-below you will have more than a 95% chance of seeing your own aura. A little practice will then make it possible for you to see other people’s too. With respect to seeing spirit guides and other such things though, all I can tell you is that this is certainly possible and not limited to myself, but as to how it works, why it works or exactly what it means, I chose for now to simply hold my own views to myself.

How to see Auras (Practical Exercise)

Location: Try to be in a relatively dimly lit room with light coloured walls. Suffused lighting either dimmed down or at least not direct light such as that from powerful spotlight works best, although, if this is all you have, you can still do the exercise and chances are you will still see the aura. It might just take a little longer. Similarly, the best colour wall for the exercise is either white or some off-white colour.

Exercise: Place your hands about a foot or two away from your eyes. Palms towards you and the fingers of one open hand more or less in line with those of the other hand. In other words, so as to have your index finger pointing to your index finger, middle finger to the middle finger and so on. Both thumps will be pointing upwards of course. Make sure the background view (what you can see beyond your hands is basically a blank section of the wall and ideally the lighting coming from behind you, but in such a way that the shadow of your hands is not in your immediate field of view or directly projecting in your principal field of view on the wall.

Now all you have to do is relax your eyes to engage more of your peripheral vision. The sensation I often use to describe this is that you should try and slightly de-focus your eyes in a similar way to when you look at those pictures or postcards that at first seem just a jumbled mess, but when you re-focus your eyes show what appears to be a three-dimensional picture.

This process can take a few minutes, but generally within ten minutes or so most people begin to see a light fog-like substance around the fingers. Different people report slight variance in colour, it can be quite transparent, bluish, goldish, or a mixture of grey, blue and yellow in different proportions. The colours are also somewhat “different” from normal colours so that even though I refer to it as “blue” or “gold” it is only an approximation.

Testing: A scientist needs to verify even the evidence of his own eyes, so this section is where you assert for yourself that this is not just a trick of the imagination. The reason you placed your hands as described above with fingers pointing to each other is so that the aura or “fog” can “link” from one finger to the next. Now if you play with the distance between the fingers of one hand and the other by widening or narrowing your arms a little bit at a time, you will see that the “fog” stretches as you separate your hands more, thinning out until eventually it “breaks” and bounces back around the fingers of one hand with no longer any linking “stretchy” filament to the fingers of the other hand. Bring your hands together and once again the aura from the fingers of one hand will link with those of the other hand. You can also link different fingers to each other by arranging your hands differently and you will notice that with a little practice you can extend the distance you can separate your hands before the link breaks as well as increase the “thickness” or brightness of the links when you concentrate on doing so.

With a little practice you will be able to see your own aura around your hands under most light conditions (the most difficult being bright direct light). Shortly after this you should also be able to see the aura of others. In general your countenance needs to be alert but relaxed and your mind calm and untroubled by any kind of worrysome thought.

A few notes of caution as well as some interesting asides follow.

Some Interesting Asides

Seeing auras is not limited to people who believe in such things. belief is not required. Although it might not be easily explained this skill is definitely something that most human beings can develop. Furthermore, people who practice martial arts to a certain high level of intensity seem to be more prone to being able to do this if taught how. I obviously have opinions on this and I will not bore you with the details beyond saying that in many respects, I find the pursuit of martial arts to be one of the most beneficial endeavours a human being can take. It is the perfect mix of concepts that lie beyond the physical realm, yet rooted in a physicality that it is impossible to ignore. Seeing auras may all be very well and good fun, but it still will not stop a punch to the face. Keeping grounded this way is essential for a healthy life balance.

Most well developed martial artists may have various “senses” developed to a higher than normal range, giving them that little something “extra” when it comes to general awareness and observation powers, however it is in Systema that I have found the most conscious and clear example of people that definitely seem to have abilities that go beyond mere mortals. I am loathe to cite specific examples and make much of this for two main reasons:

  1. Many in the martial arts community that have no real practical knowledge of Systema, including other martial artists, enjoy spouting off nonsense either for or against such concepts as I am describing here, to the overall detriment of the System and martial arts in general as a whole.
  2. It attracts the weird hippies that want to see fairies and communicate telepathically with their home-world and so on. Telepathy may be achievable. it may be real. In fact, there is another exercise I could teach you that in many cases basically proves some level of telepathy exists, but the fact is that for most practical purposes, simply living honestly is still the best path for everyone.

Nevertheless I think it is also time that some things received a little more honest exposure for the overall good of people in general.

One of the best exponents of Systema in the world is Vladimir Vasiliev, and I am not aware of any martial artist that has actually trained with him that would argue with this. The man is seriously capable. So much so that if I had not personally experienced some of the things he can do I would myself be one of the first to think such things were impossible, the result of fertile imagination, hero worship, or outright lies or delusions.

Nevertheless anyone that doubts his abilities is free to go to Toronto in Canada and find out for him or herself by going to train with him. I mention him because it is clear to everyone that has worked with him that Vladimir is an extremely practical and pragmatic person. He is about as far removed from a New age hippie as you can get. And yet…he has full knowledge of auras. Whern I first met him he invited me to spend time talking with him in his office. Considering how many people come to visit him from all over the world, his taking so much time with a complete stranger was very generous. As soon as I sat down in his office as he was still getting around his desk I started seeing not one, not two, but three of these “Spirit Guide” things behind him. I had never seen three behind one person. The most I had ever seen were two and almost always just one. I was pretty speechless because the view was so clear and so unexpected. He immediately asked what I was seeing. I shook my head, and said “Nothing.”

I had trained with Vladimir before and he was someone I respected highly as a practical martial artist so I didn’t want him to think I was some strange weirdo who would go on about “auras” and magical beings such as “Spirit Guides” and so on.

Nevertheless he insisted. And asked again, “What are you seeing?”

I could only shake my head. More in an inability to explain than a wish to deceive him.

So he finished the sentence for me: “You can see auras…?” It was more of a rethorical question. I just nodded, and Vladimir did a hand-wave in form of mild dismissal and said: “Ah, ok, don’t worry about that stuff now, let’s just have a talk.” And so we did.

The point is that such supposedly superhuman abilities are trainable. They are a skill like any other. And while its uses may be somewhat more mysterious to fathom, I think it is time more of the so called “normal” people (who in the main have either been swindled with reference to such subjects by unscrupulous “psychics” or remain simply ignorant of some subtler forces that operate in all our lives) became more aware of these little taught things.

Seeing auras, (as part of the overall general point of raising awareness) is something that was taught in at least some of the Systema classes I was taught in and indeed a skill that from time to time I also pass on to those students who are interested in it, however, my view is that this should be really only be taught in the larger context of the martial art as a whole and not in isolation which brings me to the cautionary points below.

Some Cautionary Points

This type of skill can unfortunately derange one from a healthy life-style. Some people can get so caught up in this “other” world of auras, spirit beings and so on, that they fail to operate effectively in the so-called “real” world we all inhabit. Just like seeing auras does not prevent you from being punched in the face in a martial arts class, it will not help you pay your rent or mortgage. You still have to work. You still have to eat, at least unless you plan on being one of those guys who supposedly meditates Buddha-like under a tree in India and requires no food.

To learn these skill and practice them in isolation from the harsh realities of the physical realm (unpleasant though such realities may be) is to invite disharmony in your life.

Additionally, it is wrong to try and foster such a world view (or indeed ANY world view) on unwilling persons. In a class of some thirty people that I taught, everyone but a single person could see auras within 15 minutes. That one person, I discovered only later, thought that doing such exercises, was dangerous and “messing with powerful energies” and somewhat akin to witchcraft. I respected his view and did not bring up the subject again with him. Forcing such a reality on him could well have resulted in some not insignificant disturbance for him, therefore sound ethics are of the highest importance when dealing with subjects such as this, which by their very nature cannot help but touch on the life-philosophy, religion and belief systems of those that indulge in their discovery.

If you decide to delve into this realm either have a good guide, or take very careful steps. That old lady that I mentioned at the beginning of this article helped me over a period that probably spanned more than a couple of years to understand and even put in context abilities and experiences that probably would have driven me out of my mind or at least certainly distracted me from practical issues to a very disturbing degree if I did not have someone that was more knowledgeable of such things to help me understand.

Lastly, keep in mind that for the most part, I highly respect the work of Derren Brown, whom you may know is extremely skeptical of all such “psychic” work and has recently gone on air to practically unmask several such psychics as being essentially frauds to some degree or other without going so far as to actually use the word. Derren is also a first class hypnotist, of which I have no doubt, having seen him live a few times. I refer here not to his showmanship and magician trickery, which he freely admits help him make his shows such a success, but to pure hypnotism. Which he definitely knows and uses well. What makes him a high quality hypnotist in my view is that at the shows I have been present, he was meticulous about ensuring the hypnosis part of the show (which may not even have been interpreted as such by most of the audience who is generally untrained in such skills) was ethically safe for everyone present. This mixture of heavy skeptic and pragmatist combined with a skill that is still ill-understood by the best that science has to offer is in general a good thing.

For a somewhat more scientific alternative view of the human aura and not a little debunking of Kirilian photography, see this link here.

Lastly, should you wish to learn some of these many mysterious skills, I am always available for a relatively modest fee. Especially considering just how impressive you can become at parties with a little practice. You may have to refer to me as Master Obi-Wan of course, but if you do I’ll probably give you a discount.

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