Mind Control 

By its very nature a favourite of conspiracy theorists. Modern neurological research has recently made leaps and bounds in its field and frankly some of the ramifications can indeed be quite frightening, however we are mainly dealing with surgical procedures and direct physiological stimulation of the brain by electrodes, microwaves or possibly other forms of radiation. Mind control in the sense of the classic hypnotised mind-slave of Hollywood movie fame as produced by say powerful vampires or Svengali-like Hypnotists has to my knowledge never been demonstrated to be possible.

Similarly, the equally perfectly mind controlled assassin of Manchurian Candidate fame (either the original film or the more recent remake with Denzel Washington) has also never been produced despite military efforts to do so, which unfortunately are indeed real as the files on the MKULTRA project prove.

Although it is obviously unclear how far black ops military research into mind control has gone, and though not naïve enough to think it hasn’t gone very much further than would make anyone sane very uncomfortable, it is in my opinion impossible to produce a truly mind controlled subject that would be functional as a relatively normal person when not being directed by his or her operators. At best (if we can even use such a word as “best” in this context) it might be possible to build a fully indoctrinated and highly trained operative, more in keeping with the Bourne film trilogy (for military settings) or some kind of brutalised, only partly functional victim in the case of severe sexual abuse cases for example.

There does seem to be some evidence that some research was done into intentionally trying to produce schizophrenic personalities by ritual brutalising of victims with the intent of trying to instil autonomous personalities that would be able to be controlled by their operators. However there is no evidence that this produced anything other than severely disturbed victims that were in most cases not even able to function as normal people, never mind trained assassins. Even if such type of mind control were possible by such brutal means, it is in any case extremely doubtful such persons would be functionally operative for very extended time periods and even then they would have to be maintained in a military/isolated setting to prevent de-indoctrination by normal everyday experiences with civilian personnel. This type of “Mind Control” though is already some steps removed from the classic Mind Control generally referred to when considering the powerful hypnotic vampires (be they fang-bearing ones or Nazi-styled military vivisectionists) and their hapless victims. And indeed it is in any case not even remotely possible without the use of drugs, invasive surgery or other equally unpleasant forms of conditioning, leading us directly to…

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