Relational Bliss

Other people are an integral part of our lives. Being able to relate to them in a manner that is mutually beneficial and satisfying is a necessary part of being a healthy human being. As we begin to readjust and dissolve our own internal imprints all our relationships improve exponentially. Whether just working on yourself, or if part of a couple you use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to begin resolving any issues you may have between you, it is a notable side effect that generally all relationships tend to improve as we improve ourselves. Hypnosis for couples and couple therapy is of course as useful as it is in other areas of life. Although I do not specialise in couples therapy, primarily because my own expectations and experiences of a relationship are quite different from the norm I suppose, I have nevertheless been able to use hypnotherapy professionally and successfully to resolve situations that had been going on for years. Personally of course, I find this type of therapy particularly satisfying. There is something really joyful in the knowing that a couple has finally reached the level of understanding, love, compassion, joy, sexuality, or passion they have been striving to have for a long time. 

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