Sex Slaves

Though really a subset of the Mind Control myth or the Brainwashing section or even the PUA section, the idea of a hypnotised sex slave that performs whatever act on command is a common enough fantasy. As for the brainwashed, electronic implanted, brutalised sex-slave, I would be naïve or dishonest to state that such persons do not exist, however this has nothing to do with hypnosis in a regular setting or anything that can happen to a person under the conditions of a normal therapy session. There have been to my knowledge only rumours of a hypnotist taking advantage of a client sexually whilst in a typical therapy setting. I confess I have not done obsessive research on this specific topic, (which I have on most other topics concerning hypnosis), however I have not found anything concrete to date. A number of points have to be taken into account.


  1. I think every profession under the sun has had some improper sexual conduct at one point or another. In the last few decades alone we have all seen that sexual impropriety ranges all the way from the oval office to the church steeple. It would be naïve to think no hypnotist EVER tried or maybe even succeeded in taking advantage of a client sexually (and vice versa too I am sure somewhere in the world).
  2. I do not believe however that hypnosis per se is necessarily very relevant in such a situation. The classic fantasy of a client being hypnotised into total sexual submission by a hypnotist completely against their will and being later unable to recall the event or do anything about it is in my personal opinion not possible. Nor have I seen any information to date that contradicts this opinion.

  4. It may be possible to hypnotise someone and have sex with them and have them not necessarily recall the event consciously for a limited time, however:

  • (a) I honestly believe in such a case the client would have to actually be willing to have sex with the hypnotist at an unconscious level at the very least and probably a conscious one too.
  • (b) The client would need to NOT have an unconscious ethical conflict with having sex under such conditions.
  • (c) The memory would eventually surface with time since there would be no conflict and hence no real reason to suppress it. If there were conflict then it would perhaps be repressed however condition (b) above would be negated meaning the situation would probably be impossible to happen in the first place.
  • (d) All of this is pure conjecture on my part since I am not aware of a single case were any such thing has actually ever happened.



The only instances of hypnotised sex slaves I am aware of is of willing ones. I am referring now to normal consensual hypnosis performed amongst consenting adults for the purposes of heightening sexual pleasure. It is a very pleasant experience that is something I think everyone should experience with another human being they love and trust so fully as to be able to open up to them completely. Even though I have placed the Sex Slave category in the dark side, the truth of it is that in my opinion, the only real sex slavery I am aware of that can actually exist with hypnosis can only occur between consenting adults and it is a positive, healthy, sexy, and very clean thing to experience.

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