Sexual Healing

Sex is a fundamental part of all our lives. In fact if it weren’t for sex you wouldn’t even exist. It’s amazing to me how many people seem to (at least superficially) ignore the importance of this part of their lives. Like all animals, we need air and water and food to exist. And like all mammals at least, we also need to interact with each other, whilst this interaction extends to much more than just sex, the sexual aspect is still a very basic and fundamental need.

At least a few of the PUAs I somewhat maligned in the Dark Side section, to be fair have an objective of essentially having as many people as possible begin to experience safe, pleasing, guilt-free sex.


I think this is mostly an admirable goal to have since most human beings have more than a few of those imprints related specifically to sex, the sex act, the sexual interaction as a whole and also its particular components. Precisely because it is such a fundamental part of our make up, and because safe, pleasing, guilt-free sex is actually nowhere near as common as it should be, many have experienced sexual dysfunctions, anxieties, abuse, discomfort and just about every other emotional disturbance under the sun.


Resolving sexual difficulties one may have been experiencing through the use of hypnosis is particularly effective because anything extremely visceral invariably resides in our unconscious to usually larger degrees than we are ever aware of; and little is more intimate, inbuilt, instinctive and visceral than sex. Apart from serious issues dealing with sexual abuse, trauma, rape, impotence and so on, there are also lighter and more fun sides to the use of hypnosis and sex. It is quite interesting for example to discover more about how excitement works for us and in which contexts as well as learning to activate passions that we may have been unaware we had lying dormant in us all the time.


Couples can benefit immensely from discovering each other’s unconscious triggers and learning enough about the mind that they can begin to explore themselves and each other in a spirit of relaxed, exciting, fun and sexy co-operation. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool in this regard and though it might offend and even sound sleazy to some, it is interesting to note that even a relatively conservative person in a seminar setting, through guided and very light hypnotic trance can still exhibit enough sexuality that she can have an orgasm in public within a few minutes of starting the exercise.

The first time this occurred for me I was working with a lady in her late 40s or early 50s quite proper in attire and mannerism without being unduly rigid. She happened to be sitting next to me in the seminar. Being as we were all trained hypnotherapists in the room, every one of us had a certain facility with entering trance and feeling safe. When it was my turn to lead her into a light trance and anchor various sensations into her neurology through touching her hand as I guided different sensations into different fingers of it, within three minutes she actually suddenly snapped her hand away, squeezed her legs together, had a slight whole body tremor and with some slight embarrassment and fluttering eyelids told me she was about to climax and she didn’t want to make a big scene in that setting. It was definitely a guilt-free moment and I found her honesty and openness both flattering and beautiful. As a result of my own already somewhat extensive exploration of my own mind in relation to sex at this point in time, when it was her turn to do the exercise it had little effect other than my chosen one of experiencing it as a pleasant and rather diffuse sensation of closeness with another human being though not actually very sexual in nature. I chose this because though rather libertine in my views, I am rather private about the actual activation of truly sexual events, not because I find anything in it shameful, but because I think it is quite an intimate and personal experience to be shared only in certain situations and with certain people, given the level of intensity I prefer to live these things at. It just feels and works better that way for me.


In conclusion then, hypnosis most certainly can be used to improve your sex life whether it’s to heighten an already healthy one or heal an unsatisfying one. Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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