Develop Intrapersonal Skills

Regardless of the social setting it’s amazing to notice how really most other people are just not that interesting, or fun, or you know…getting us. It really is all their fault you see. There’s nothing wrong with you at all. Your lack of sexual partners, low-paying job, irritating personal habits, lack of basic hygiene and obscure sexual deviations has nothing to do with it. Come along and let me improve the whole world for you.

General Requirements: Make an appointment by contacting me and print and fill in this Intake Form prior to your session.  Please also read the section entitled Hire Me as certain cases may require additional information as well as possibly a Disclaimer Form or Medical Referral Form.

Description: Depending on your particular issue/s this type of work may require multiple sessions. Certain issues like social phobia can also range from requiring a single session to be changed to several sessions with homework and follow-ups, depending on the person and an almost infinite range of variables. Generally, the more work you think you need on this area of your life, the longer the first session may be, as it will require a detailed personal history. Some time can be saved by you providing this in written format prior to the session, and the more detailed you can be, the better, but a certain amount of this needs to be understood in context by me on a one-to-one setting so that I may be able to adequately judge the type of hypnosis you will require.

Re-shaping yourself into the person you want to be is in any case a long term process, but this can also be done in stages so a single session is at times enough for a person for anything ranging from a few weeks to several months. Later, as they evolve and integrate the new behaviour into their everyday persona,  they will become aware of other refinements they wish to incorporate and may return for other sessions.

I have had sessions that ranged from one hour to several hours for this type of process, so the fees are based purely on an hourly basis with a 2 hour minimum due to the extended interview process prior to the hypnosis. You should generally consider that in 3 hours quite a lot of work can be done and plan for that, although 2 hours generally is also enough. You may also delineate an upper time limit you do not wish me to go over and we’ll work within those parameters. I have had cases that lasted 6 hours in the first session though, so try to delimit a maximum time for yourself and let me know what it is and we’ll try and ensure we keep to it.

Cost: £100 minimum for 2 hours. Beyond this the standard rate of £50 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged.

Time: Usually about 2 to 3 hours.

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