Enhance Your Sports Performance

Not in the bedroom. That kind of sport falls under the heading Other Issues, later in the Hypnotic Services list. This is aimed at the discerning or professional sportsman whom may be recovering from an injury, getting a bit wiser (a.k.a. as older by ignorant peasants), wanting to improve his already peak performance by accessing his superhuman unconscious potential and so on. Also open to hit-men who are finding it difficult to maintain good accuracy for those long-range sniper shots.

General Requirements: Make an appointment by contacting me and print and fill in this Intake Form prior to your session.  Please also read the section entitled Hire Me as certain cases may require additional information as well as possibly a Disclaimer Form or Medical Referral Form.

Description: Depending on your particular issue the session will tend to range from 45 minutes if you are an excellent hypnotic subject to 2 hours. Most first time sessions will last about one and a half hours as some personal history regarding your particular case will be required.

Cost: £75 for the first session up to 2 hours. Beyond this the standard rate of £50 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged.

Time: Usually about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours

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