Pregnancy and Childbirth

Modern childbirth more often than not involves the use of drugs for pain. Whilst making the delivery more tollerable for the mother, the side-effect is that the child also receives the drug and as a result may not feed properly as well as remain somewhat impaired for anything up to several weeks. There is also some slight evidence that the effect of pain drugs on the newborn -by affecting its first few days of activity- may reduce the child’s natural developmental abilities when compared to a natural birth.

Brave mothers-to-be that wish to facilitate a natural childbirth with reduced pain and discomfort as well as generally an easier delivery can use my services to improve their delivery. It is never too early to start on this as generally speaking, more than one session will be required for best results. Especially since if time permits part of the process will be to train you to be able to self-hypnotise specifically for child-birth.

General Requirements: Make an appointment by contacting me and print and fill in this Intake Form prior to your session.  Please also read the section entitled Hire Me as you will require to also inform your doctor that you are undergoing this process and will be required to provide me with a completed Medical Referral Form in order to show that this has occurred. You may also be required to complete a Disclaimer Form in certain situations.

Description: Most sessions will tend to range from 45 minutes if you are an excellent hypnotic subject to 2 hours, with the first session generally lasting about one and a half hours in most cases. This process generally envisions a series of sessions spaced out in time over a period of days, weeks or even months. The more time you have before the birth, the more we can work towards a comfortable, pain free delivery. It is never too early to begin this process after conception and in fact if you begin several months before the delivery date we can begin to also train you to self-hypnotise yourself so that by the time the delivery is due you are confident of this skill and your ability to enter the necessary state for a comfortable delivery. As you progress in this skill the sessions will tend to get shorter and will usually not go over one hour. For a more detailed idea of a training programme we can develop together, get in touch with details of your situation as well as the possibility of including your partner in the process.

Cost: £75 for the first session up to 2 hours. Beyond this the standard rate of £50 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged.

Time: Usually about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours for the first session. Subsequent sessions may vary depending on several factors.

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