I’m Baaaack….sort of…and some MASSIVE news.



Well, it has most definitely been a busy time, but…lots of new things coming later this year. A relaunch of the Overlords of Mars series will happen (with any luck) before Xmas of this year, as well as a general revamp of this site. The focus of it will shift to something that is more in tune with a “single theme” as the vast unwashed masses seem to prefer.

But fear not, intrepid adventurer, this site will continue to have all the eclectic, in-depth information it has now, and hopefully lots more, along with my general musings and random thoughts, however…

As you may have noticed if you are/were a regular reader of this blog as well as my previous experimental one, I have many and varied interests, and it is difficult for a new visitor to grasp what the hell this is all about. Well…it was Redhead Girl who actually said it best to me: Everything I do is about Exploration. And indeed that is true. Sometimes I explore the mind, sometimes the body, and sometimes the world around me, but in reality, it is indeed always about exploration.

So…in time I will revamp the site a bit and re-organise it a bit and guess what…yes…we are going to become an exploration club. That is, people like yourselves, who may be interested in the same weird things I am, will be able to contribute if you wish.

I have to do a bit more work on explaining it all in a coherent fashion, (the FAQ is going to change) but please believe me, this is going to be an exploration club like no other. We will look at the edge of science of things, and the edge of the known in our world. As in keeping with the rest of my philosophy, no arm-waving hippies or drugged up New-Agers need apply. We, dear readers, are going to do some REAL exploration, grounded in reality, science and mysticism.

Wait, what? Mysticism? Yes. Mysticism. Please realise that a real natural scientist (which are essentially an extinct breed, hence my 19th century design here, for they thrived back then for a short while) is not fooled by the current dogma that “everything is matter”.

It is a lie. There are many interesting things which the “science” being done by the circus monkeys we now call “scientists” will never be able to explain, primarily because much of their dogma is flawed. “Science” as it is done too often today is essentially an upgraded form of religion with a bit more truth in it than the woo-woo kind of religions. But do not be fooled. Science, real science, is as elusive as ever. And we, dear readers, refined gentlemen and ladies from another era, are going to blow the roof off the cathedrals.

We are going to investigate, research, travel to and undertake special operations to discover more on the reality behind the facade that has been thickly painted over our lives.

Yes, we are going to look at “weird” paranormal things.

Yes, we are going to look at “conspiracies” (AKA facts constantly denied by the mainstream media).

Yes, we are physically going to go explore remote places to look for more information.

Yes, we will be doing all these things.

I have been doing them for a while anyway, but now I will begin to document some of the trips I have done before, and I will invite any of you who are interested, to get involved, to participate and to contribute.

This site has been dead for a bit so I expect response will be non-existent to luke-warm at first, but I will do this anyhow, regardless of numbers. The only difference is how long it will take and how much I will share of my adventures. If you think you might be interested in something different, do let me know andadd a comment to this post, it will be up here for a while as I prepare things, so add your comment and let me know you exist. The more support I have, the more I will be motivated to hurry up and to tell you all more.

If you want to have an idea of what this club will be like, think of it as a real-world equivalent of the B.P.R.D. or of TESLADYNE except we don’t really expect to be fighting mythical creatures or be faced with the dilemma of whether we are the eater of worlds. But we will go on cool expeditions to little accessible places and telling people what we find there. And fighting Nazis. Because yeah, there are always Nazis somewhere.

Yes there will be memberships for those who want it, no it’s not about making me any money, it’s about getting like-minded people together (think action scientists), and uniting them into a common purpose. It’s about surrounding ourselves with more people that are real life explorers. Most of the globe may have been mapped by satellites, but there is an infinite number of stuff still to discover. If you are the type of person that:

  • Doesn’t believe the Great Pyramid of Egypt was ever a tomb or built the way Egyptologists say it was built
  • Doesn’t believe JFK was shot by a lone Lee Harvey Oswald from a library window
  • Doesn’t believe skyscrapers collapse on their own footprint spontaneously because there was a fire somewhere near them
  • Thinks our ancient history is very different from what we have been told in school
  • Dreams of travelling to exotic and strange places
  • Wants to go on actual expeditions to explore, research and discover the truth about some aspect of our past
  • Knows there is more to life than merely working 9 to 5 for a slave wage in order to survive

Then you are one of us. Whether you know it or not. So join me. And yes, join me here first in this lose, etheric, “disorganised” way first. We need to get to know each other, and I fully expect that if this ever takes off in a big way, I will have more than a fair number of freaks, weirdos, crazy people and possibly Leprachauns, but I know I will also get to meet some amazing and interesting people which, for all I know, might become really good friends of mine. The best way to separate the crazies from the eccentric is at an informal gathering, so step right in. Leave a comment, and if the mood moves you, instead of asking me to link to your site, begin by linking me to yours, if you have one. I will notice and I will look, and it’s a better way to introduce yourself don’t you think?

In keeping with the currently “informal” nature of this club, I have named it:


Special Operations and Exploration

Or SOE for short. No doubt, many of you will know that SOE was also the precursor to all military special operations branches. That SOE, was the Special Operations Executive, and Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character, was deeply involved with it. SOE helped spawn OSS (Office of Strategic Services) which in turn then morphed into a host of rather poisonous organisations, amongst which the CIA. Both SOE and OSS were disbanded after WWII and no longer exist, but the original intent of SOE was to have an elite corps of irregulars take the war to the enemy, and the enemy at the time was the Nazis. Now… we are not a military organisation, and we have no particular war to fight with anyone, but it has been my view that it invariably takes “irregulars” to make any progress in human affairs. In truth,most positive changes towards understanding, truth and justice, have almost invariably in human history, been created or caused by “eccentrics” that were often fringe elements in many ways. Nikola Tesla, the man who electrified the planet, being probably the best example of this. The man single-handedly changed the world even though most people have no idea who he was. He was also screwed over by that bastard Thomas Edison, who is wrongly revered as a kind of “hero” when he was instead a cruel and deceitful man who electrocuted dogs and even an elephant to “prove” his version of electricity (direct current) was “safer”. It was not and if we had listened to him we would need a power plant on every corner to power a city.

I digress, but you get the jist (apart from the one that I am eccentric, and can ramble on, damn you!).

The idea is that those who take part in our endeavours will probably be an eclectic group at first, and possibly look slightly ridiculous and inefficient, but in time, we will become something to be proud of. This kind of path has been trodden by many great men and women in history, and we aim to do the same. Besides, a little ridicule and humour is essential in real life and even more so in dangerous adventures. The B.P.R.D. graphic novels are an excellent model for our budding organisation. We will at times be cartoonish, at times ridiculous and contrasting, at times absurd, but we will stand by our good friends, even if they may be frog-fraced freaks or dangerous pyrokinetic hotties, and we will deal with very serious subjects. Subjects hidden from view for most people. And of course we will be the good guys. Because don’t forget. There are always Nazis out there somewhere. You know it.

I present to you below our official (TM) badges, they will be available soon as actual badges and in time I will set up some kind of shop to send them to people if they want one.

While we are on the subject, a serious exploration that I have been planning for many months needs to progress to the next level and we are looking for a person or persons that has a skipper licence and preferably access to or owns a yacht that can take us to an undisclosed location in the middle of the Pacific. No joke. So if you know someone or are that someone, do get in touch. Details of this trip cannot be released publicly at this point, but in time all will be revealed.


5 Responses to “I’m Baaaack….sort of…and some MASSIVE news.”

  1. the large gentle one says:

    of course i want a badge. count me in

    • G says:

      And you also get to say…First! Badges will be here in a week or so. Full site revamp is in full swing and should be mostly done in a couple of weeks.

  2. RMC says:

    Hmm… my comment was taken down? Did I come off as a bot?

    I reiterate, I’m interested. And I dig your blog.

    • G says:

      When you are a new commenter the spam filter puts you in quarantine if your comment looked potentially spammy, and I don’t get round to looking at it for a few days, sorry about that. Anyway, here you are now. Welcome to the blog. I found your own blog quite interesting too by the way.

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