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Multiverse Reality

I have been reading rather thick tomes of physics since a young age. I suppose if you added them all up they would probably come close to the number of books on the subject that someone that wanted to get a degree in the subject might digest. In fact I suspect I have read enough of these to come closer to a Master’s, but that’s sort of beside the point, because I doubt the books I picked would form part of any specific curriculum. The point is that all that physics has served me well in many other spheres of life. For one, it fit very well with my actual choice of subject in tertiary education, which was civil engineering, but perhaps less obviously, it has served me well in practically every job I have ever done.

Having a good appreciation for the laws of physics has a tendency to solidify reality for you in rather specific ways. It was impossible for me to study business economics for example, because it involved two completely abstract subjects, one being economics itself, in practically all its guises, and the other being accounting, at least as it’s taught in universities rather than the honourable and ancient profession of keeping track of funds which is really little more than balancing two columns of numbers, no matter what anyone tells you.

I simply could not bring myself to accept on any level of reality the complete nonsense that so-called “economists” and other people who say they practice such “arts” spout; or “sciences”, or whatever else they claim economics actually is (besides the flight of common fancy that it is). The fact that such completely fabricated realities as the theories of these proto-humans (economists, like several other creatures of the so-called “social sciences” should not really be confused with actual humans) affect large portions of the population of this planet is in one sense a very clear indicator that fabricated realities, absurd though they may be and completely arbitrary as they may be, do in fact, impinge on us in very real and material ways.

In a very round-about way, it could be said that the various economic crises that befall us periodically (and which seem to come to a head more recently on a global scale) are clear evidence that realities of pure thought, that is, essentially created in nothing much more than some people’s minds mostly, do in fact have the power to derail the entire human race in very meaningful ways.

Keep that thought in mind while I mention the idea of multiverses, which essentially boils down to the concept that there are an infinite number of universes in which every alternative, every choice and every possible outcome for any event is actually manifest. Sort of. The idea of multiverses is familiar to any 10 year old who reads decent comic books, but the reality of how multiverses may actually function is a little more complex than what any comic book I read on the subject has ever explained. In fact, I have yet to come across a decent physics book on the subject that interprets how multiverses work in what I consider to be the “correct” way. And by correct I mean MY idea of how it works. You must know however, that I have not reached this idea haphazardly or quickly.

I have considered the concept of multiverses at the very least since my early teens. And I have been testing my theories actively for at least the better part of the last 7 years or so, but really began experimenting several years before that, probably really getting into it actively in 1993.

This process of wanting to test reality has led me down many strange paths and it has been a very interesting journey. One of these paths has been hypnosis, and it has been invaluable in testing some of my theories. Simultaneously, I have also got a rather wide view of most religions and spiritual belief systems, as well as a pretty extensive grasp of the history of humanity. Not necessarily as recounted in various history books, but in the more laborious, but also infinitely more satisfying way, of reading old documents from various periods and cultures, translated into a language I can read today.

It has been all very fascinating and in time I also came across some rather brilliant if unorthodox men and their physics theories and concepts. And today, being as it’s my birthday, I am going to share with you my thoughts on the matter.

It would take too long to justify every piece of evidence I will present here as a basic premise, so I apologise if I do not give you extensive footnotes or other research materials, but this is mostly because to do so would literally take me several days even if I were to give only cursory research notes. There is a lot to go through and besides, it is my birthday, so I’ll do it the way I want and works easiest for me.

The premises are these:

1. Aether science theory was prematurely “discounted” at the turn of the 20th Century and has in fact a lot more merit than most people think. Read up on Nikolai Kozyrev in this regard, and Burkhart Heim. Scientists whose work was classified for many years, yet is proving even now, to astonish and amaze all the physicists who are becoming familiar with it.

2. Any theory of reality that ignores consciousness as a component of the universal laws or rules which may exist is necessarily incomplete.

3. Deep states of hypnosis actually seem to have a tiny but perceptible effect of actual reality. That is, not just the reality of the subject, but the objective universe around that subject. You need to read through a few thousand pages of Milton Erickson’s work on this point and discover the secret experiment he did in secret for some 40 years and only wrote up towards the end of his life. Or alternatively, you need to place yourself (and others) into deep trances (without the use of drugs) and in certain specific contexts, in order to come to similar or identical ideas as Erickson himself reported on. I have done both, starting first with experiments on myself, then on others and only later did I discover Erickson had achieved similar results, though using a far more methodical approach than my own.

4. Human DNA, in fact, possibly and probably ALL living things, (and by extension therefore all matter to some degree) have some capacity for the warping of reality. In a simple way this is obvious as living things can and do alter their environment, but in the case of humans, their higher level of consciousness and more specifically, their DNA, has the actual capacity to alter reality or in some way enmesh with it and then alter it. The bridge between this and hypnosis as well as repetitive thinking patterns is clear to me. In a sense, human DNA seems to be anchored in time and space much like a particle in quantum physics that has a superpositional quality. That is, on some level it can be anywhere at any time. Humans may not be able to “teleport” from say Earth to Mars, like John Carter of Mars did in the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, but as you will see below, we may be doing something just as amazing as that, and we may be doing it all the time, without realising it.

5. The aether theory of physics is related to the idea of multiverses.

Finally, let’s postulate, just for fun if you like, that the theory of multiverses is actually true. In other words a infinite, or at least very, very large number of universes does exist or can exist. There are in fact reasonably good reasons to think this is the case and in fact not a few very smart physicists have concluded that this is actually the case and mathematically at least, some have also gone so far as to prove it.

But so what, right? I mean how does this help you pay your bills or get more of that freaky sex you so desperately crave? (Don’t deny it, I know my readers’ demographics, you filthy little perverts!).

Well, the thing is, that given the premises above, there is one last final piece of the puzzle that I have been testing for a few years that seems to me to actually be correct, and this is that there is essentially a kind of “leakage” between the various universes. In effect, there might in fact only be one universe, or there may be many, or just a few, but regardless of this, there are an actually essentially infinite number of possibilities for any of these universes to unfold.

For the sake of simplicity let’s say there is only one actual universe, but even this being the case, there is actually an infinite number of possibilities in which this universe can unfold. In such a situation, the most consciously aware beings (humans in our case) have the ability to “control” the flow of these possibilities. Normally this is boiled down in various self-help crapola as being “as you think, so you shall create” and so on. The sort of Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, semi-multi-quasi-lots-of scammy bullshit that sounds good but does not help when you’re broke, homeless and trying to survive the next day.

Please try to follow my theory. It does not have much in common with these new-age mumbo-jumbo types.

By control the flow of possibilities I mean that our DNA and minds are somehow superpositionally placed in this universe and have the ability to effect outcomes of reality. The way they do this is pretty much unconsciously and may well be somewhat or even fully “genetically locked”. That is, you may go around thinking “I’m a millionaire” all day, trying to brainwash yourself into this belief for years, wasting thousands on motivational seminars and books on scammy NLP written by scammier NLPers, but nothing much will change.

Firstly, the level of superpositionality of your DNA may not be controllable by you consciously. It may just be mostly the result of your genes and an unknown mixture of factors which are mostly due to random chance. But even supposing you do have the potential ability to affect the flow of reality (and my own experience and experiments suggests this is not just probable but likely) the fact is that you first have to understand how and under what circumstances you might be able to do this.

Here we enter the first difficulty, which is that there is no adequate language to try and explain what I have discovered and tested for several years now. Nor is there an adequate scientific method that comes close to being able to measure this with the kind of precision that normal science requires in order to make a hypothesis become a theory. The work is long because it is so refined and subtle, and the measurements are also tiny. A great deal of statistical work is required and in any case most of it would be inadmissible in a scientific study because it is primarily of a relatively subjective nature.

How, for example, do you measure happiness? Yet, it is true that if you ask anyone, how happy are you today compared to 5 years ago, unless they are brain damaged, they will be able to answer quite clearly. Even if no real material change in their objective conditions has manifested. That is, they may still be doing the same job, earning a similar pay and living in the same place, and be in the same relationships, but even with all of these factors being essentially the same, they can have great shifts of consciousness and thus personal sense of happiness. Not on a ephemeral scale, but on a large, gradual and permanent level, or at least one that lasts for many months before similar gradual shifts potentially increase or lower it again.

Nevertheless if after several years of performing certain tests one can conclusively say that his or her life measurably increases in happiness when certain practices are undertaken, stagnates when they are not and actively worsens if the reverse of these practices are taken, then it is a relatively safe thing to say that for that person at least, whether you believe him or her or not, it is hardly going to be relevant to them. Their life experience will have essentially convinced them of the validity of their views.

There are certainly very clear physical parallels to this and they are not hard to imagine. Say you drink a lot regularly, it is more likely your life will suck in the long term. Say you stop drinking and pursue an actively healthy lifestyle instead, it is again, relatively likely that your life will improve in quality, or at least suck less than when you are an alcoholic. Experimenting with being a drunk for a period after being healthy for a period would probably soon convince you of this fact if it were not for the increasing number of dead brain cells you accumulate.

What I am discussing is essentially analogous to this process but does not actually involve any drugs. It seems to me that it is possible, to actually change your view of reality in such a way that your entire life actually “shifts” universe. Given that there are an infinite number of possibilities and given that your “teleporting” from one universe( or possibility) to another universe (or possibility) happens mostly unconsciously, even if all humans had this ability, none of us would notice it. Even if you did manage to shift yourself to an idyllic paradise planet, you would not know it. To you, reality around you would have gradually changed until peace on Earth, free love and the lack of venereal diseases is just a fact of life. Everyone you know too would have been gradually affected. It is here that we enter the realm of the possibility of an infinite number of universes. If there are indeed many alternative universes and if the “leakage” between them permits us to shift between them, then there may well be a whole bunch of other mes living in much nicer versions of Earth, and if so, unless I personally shift to such a universe, I will never know about it.

If however, the universe we have is really only one, but with a cloud of infinite possibilities all hovering about us at all times, then my shifting to such a better reality would to some degree or other, also be impaired not just by the difficulty of the process itself, but also by the actions and thoughts of all other humans on the planet (mostly unconscious and thus all that more difficult to influence). The only advantage in such a situation would be that if I did gain some level of mastery over the process of creating such shifts in reality, I would be more likely to affect reality in a specific direction than any other individual who had not reached the same level of control over this process. Overall though, I would be hard-pressed to notice any shifts at all, because the overall “average” of the “unconscious humans” would probably create the reality around me that we all perceive as being generally the same one we share with everyone else. At least, it would seem this way, from day to day. Over longer periods of time, certain trends might be noticed however. Probably not so big as to shift the whole planet into a better situation, but maybe enough to improve your little corner of the world so that possibly you have a good circle of friends, a nice situation concerning your personal relationships, a healthy life and a good way of earning a living.

If such shifts were possible, even if relatively mild or modest, it would still be a very valuable skill to develop. And furthermore, if such a skill were possible to develop, it is unlikely one person alone would do so. Others invariably would, either consciously (as is the case I am proposing here) or perhaps, as always happens in every sphere of human endeavour, at least some people would have a natural knack for doing whatever “magical” set of things one needs to do in order to gain such control over the shifts of reality one wants to create.

Fear is a very relevant part of this. People in fear are essentially incapable of exercising any control over their unconscious processes, and on some level, all humans are living in some state of fear. Or at least, let’s say a great number of them are. A very close second emotion besides fear, if we were to classify those humans who do not experience fear as their primary unconscious motivator, would be what we could consider as “thirst for power”. Maybe you prefer the word ambition, or perhaps a certain striving, perhaps fuelled by a little fuel called anger, or determination or even rage.

Think about this for a little while. How many humans are truly free of fear? And for how long? Even if a person is essentially unafraid on any given day, how permanent is that condition? What if they lose their job? Their health? A loved one? Fear is literally just around the corner all the time. But now let’s assume we are looking at that sector of the population that is not afraid for long periods of time at a stretch. Who are these people?

In the main, they are the those who are too busy to be afraid. They are so busy doing, or trying to do, certain things, that they literally do not have time to feel afraid. Even these people are rare, because most of the most ambitious humans you might be thinking about are in fact motivated ultimately by fear anyway. Fear of not being good enough or smart enough, or successful enough, or rich enough. Either that or they are compensating for some other lack. They are too ugly or unpopular, (or they think they are) and so work harder than ever to be accepted (even if just from themselves or their own internal demons). And are these inadequacies, perceived or real as they may be just another form of fear? So do not make a mistake. Indeed even the ambitious workaholics are mostly just more scared humans.

So who does this leave?

The truly ambitious, motivated by thirst for power for its own sake, or greed for its own sake, as opposed to power to compensate for some fear, or greed to fill an actual gaping emotional hole beyond greed itself. And the natural scientist.

There is a reason you see that we respond, as children as well as adults to the classic comic book paradigm of the evil villains bent on world domination and the good, honest, but ultimately humble hero with a big brain and a big set of balls too, because remember, smart is not enough, you have to be lacking fear to be counted in the group of those who have the power to shift reality consciously.

The greedy thirsty for power types tend to outnumber the natural scientists. Roughly in the same ratio that apparently ambitious and greedy people (but really just fearful people) outnumber apparently natural scientists (but in reality just another version of human that though perhaps more curious than his cousins, still has too many fears to be considered a true (and fearless) natural scientist).

The natural scientists have only one advantage. They are the single group most likely to understand that they are shifting reality consciously. The ambitious types, let’s call them the “Truly Ambitious” to differentiate them from the merely fearful ambitious types, are in the main unconscious about their reality shifting powers. They may be very conscious of it in a physical, material sense, but they do not, for the very vast majority of cases have any idea of the actual mechanics behind the processes that DO allow them such vast control over large sections of the human population. They perform and produce their huge shifts in reality, affecting them and many others much like idiot savants, without any real understanding of their ability, merely a kind of superior instinct of how to go about shifting things.

The natural scientist however is unique. And as such may be the only creature able to counter the mostly unconscious work of the truly ambitious. The truly ambitious are not necessarily “evil” as such, though human nature at large is not very likely to reassure us on this point. Consider: What are the chances that a random human, given infinite power to change the world would not do so at the expense of others even if there was no need to make anyone suffer? If you are still reading this far in, not only are you probably alone in this endeavour, but you are also beginning to see the degree and importance of the problem of unconscious actions by now.

Acting as they do, that is unconsciously (at least with respect to their ability to shift reality) the truly ambitious create changes in the world that have far reaching consequences, and not all of them are good. In fact, few of them are. Mostly because the view we have of reality could be said to be the average of the average humans’ views, and as you know by now, those are very fearful views. So the truly ambitious, even if lacking fear themselves, operate as if they were in a world full of fear (because it is such a world) and they actions, normally geared towards getting more personal power, are invariably going to have a number of victims.

In effect, they are sort of villains by default rather than necessarily by choice.

Enter the natural scientist. In one way, the True natural scientist, (let’s call them Truly Natural Scientists, to differentiate them from mere scientists that still have fear) is somewhat immune to the vicissitudes of the truly ambitious. That is, even if they do figure out how to shift reality, they are less likely than most other humans to then become power-hungry megalomaniacs. Mostly because in order to be a true natural scientist, by definition, one has to already be free of fear. And if this is the case, and one also lacks the ambition of the truly ambitious, it is quite unlikely that they will suddenly develop it. Generally, the true natural scientist lack the ambition displayed by the truly ambitious not because he is missing a specific gene (though it might be the reason too) but because he or she has already considered a philosophy in which that level or type of ambition has already been rejected as not viable.

I believe a relatively small number of such true natural scientists (if they existed, and if they could become aware of each other) acting in concert and toward a common goal, that ultimately is so simple that I think it is very likely ANY true natural scientist would automatically be working towards it as soon as they realised they have the ability to shift reality, could affect the direction of the shared reality of the rest of humanity by huge degrees of magnitude.

In effect, although this theory is wholly mine and unique as far as I know, an analogous situation to the one of a hypothetical group of true natural scientists trying to shift reality for the whole of humanity, has possibly already taken place once before. At least something like it has been suggested as having already happened once in history. However those few true natural scientists, a number of individual said to number only of a few dozen men, were then suddenly imprisoned, tortured to death or executed, all in the space of a very short time, and their organisation disbanded and destroyed, limiting and slowing down human evolution from a spiritual (reality-shifting) point of view by several centuries.

Indeed, if human beings have these reality shifting powers, surely they have been used before, and in this respect, the study of ancient civilisations become far more interesting. Metaphor become important, as do stories, but even more so are those Cyclopean constructions, such as the creation of entire mini-cities, separated by kilometres, built apparently exclusively for the purpose of lining up certain features so as to create huge and very advanced (because accurate due to the scales used) astronomical observations. Why would the ancient inhabitants of the Americas have built entire cities (in locations by the way which today cannot really support even small communities due to the changes in climate and vegetation available) just to make some astronomical observations? Of course one can look at any odd thing in the past and try to make it fit any theory at all, but in my view, the link between astronomy and the powers of shifting reality are closely linked.

One has to be able to see the eternal in order to affect it, and what better way to do this than to look up into the night sky?

Telepathy and many other supposedly “impossible” things, such as precognition have now been proven scientifically to such a degree that although still not popular to discuss, can no longer be denied, even by the most rigorous critics using the most stringent scientific methods (don’t take my word for it, do a google search for a meta-study on precognition done by Honorton and Ferrrari or get yourself a book called The ESP Enigma, which has plentiful references from scientific papers or watch the video of Micheal Persinger called No more Secrets, freely available on youtube).

Consider these things in conjunction, and the idea that we may have the ability to shift reality consciously does not seem so fantastic after all. In fact, I can tell you personally, that I have tested this hypothesis to the point that I am pretty convinced it is more than just a theory.

Now, don’t you wish I was going to tell you just how to do it? Well, I would, but there are a few problems.

First of all, it’s not easy to translate the process required into any language, because many of the concepts just do not have names and so it would be required to write a very lengthy explanation of each aspect, then keep all of those concepts in mind all at once while you do certain things. And most people who started this blog post did not get anywhere near the end of it, so that alone is going to be an issue. The MTV generation does not make wizards or Jedis, no matter what Harry Potter fans might think.

Secondly, even if I did all of that and you took the time to learn it and practice it, there is no guarantee you would not try to use such ability purely and mostly for personal gain, with which there is not a great deal wrong, except that, as you know, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so unless you came to this already clear of any thirst familiar to the truly ambitious, it would not be a good thing to teach you such things.

And thirdly, not everyone can do this. It takes a certain type of persistence of character over long periods of time in addition to the other qualities. In short, I am still researching this last point, but I think there may be some kind of natural failsafes that prevent the skill or ability from becoming conscious to most people excepting perhaps a very small number. This is not all that unusual in the natural world, especially given the survival/extinction benefits/risks involved.

Nevertheless, I do hope that some young and sincere true natural scientists might one day stumble across this long blog post and read it, and perhaps, it will encourage them to continue their search and work, as well as point them in the right direction with regard to where to look.

Exploring this field is truly a lifelong work, but it is as inevitable for the natural explorer/scientist as it is for a duck flying south with the change of season. Unlike those ducks though our destination is far more elusive and the road is long. It might be more akin to the trip taken by those types of butterflies or moths that take several generations to migrate to a specific location on Earth, where they return periodically, even if it takes four or five generations to reach it.

If you are one of us, I can only wish you the best of luck in your search.

















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