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My Prediction of the Hugos

I am going on record with my best guess before it all comes out. This assumes no censorious SJW vast conspiracy or sudden “electrical fire” doesn’t destroy the unadulterated ballots. I don’t seriously think there is a real possibility of the voting being unfairly counted or outright faked, but… humans. You know the species. Anyway, here are my predictions: UPDATE: Chaos Horizon has the best statistical analysis of the whole Hugo mess. It’s brilliant and exposes the SJWs impartially and mercilessly, because that’s how truth works.

Vox Day will actually get a nomination for best short form editor. The only corollary to this is the whole category not being No Awarded, which is possible, but I will tend to assume it is probably not the actual outcome that will happen. If he does win, I am personally hoping for an AMAZING event concerning the giving of the award. I am keeping this part to myself though, but I have done my bit to try and make it reality. UPDATE: Well, Vox did get nominated, but the whole category DID get NO Awarded at the actual voting for the Hugos exposed the true SJW infestation in all its rot. Seriously, anyone who watched the awards live will see that these people are correctly described by Vox as “human Wreckage”.

His Nefariousness may ALSO get a nomination in long form editor, though, knowing his evil mind, I deeply suspect that putting himself 4th had the dual purpose of both being honest as well as getting deeper metrics on the voting numbers and various factions. UPDATE: He did and it did.

John C. Wright will win a Hugo for at least one thing. Probably for One Bright Star to Guide Them I really and sincerely hope so, though it is also possible he gets a bunch of nominations and doesn’t actually win any. UPDATE: John C Wright was unfortunately snubbed, in the most vicious of ways, at the Hugos and his wife was sworn at, treated in a way that I find absolutely unacceptable and well beyond unprofessional by Patrick Heyden, the senior editor at Tor in charge of SF and for whom both Mr. and Mrs. Wright write! To make it worse, Mrs. Wright was trying to say something nice to this most porcine of individuals, (because she’s close to being a saint is why. That’s my only explanation). Mr. Wright was not by her side when this happened, otherwise I am sure the porcine creature known as Patrick Nielsen Hayden would have kept his foul orifice shut, for SJWs are always cowards. In any event, how or why McMillan does not eject this pustule on the ass of a leprous rat from Tor altogether is beyond me.

The Three Body Problem will win a Hugo. Which is just fine because Ken Liu, who translated it (but did not write it, the writer is Liu Cixin) and for which I also have been a Beta reader, also writes some supercool SF. And his translation as well as Liu Cixin’s work are both great and should be recognised as such. UPDATE: This was in fact the case, and it won. Thanks to the Rabid and Sad Puppy vote I may add. You’re welcome Mr. Cixin and Mr. Liu. Thank you for your excellent work.

Unfortunately, Ken and I disagree deeply on how we see Vox Day as a person, and his views, but I don’t know Ken as well or as personally as I do Vox, so it’s hard to say why he seems unable (or unwilling?) to look at the reality of the issues. Ken is clearly a very intelligent and thoughtful person. He also seems to be clearly aware of the mainstream media’s efforts to brainwash us en masse, yet he seems extremely uncomfortable with Vox Day. It’s not an uncommon reaction. When I first started reading Vox’s blog I also thought he was probably a rather dumb Christian Fundamentalist with serious race-issues. But I am not easily offended, and so I carried on reading, because regardless of first impressions, if you actually READ what he writes (and are able to think logically instead of emotionally) you see why he calls himself a cruelty artist.

A lot of what Vox Day writes is written to upset the politically correct in order to entertain himself as well as to expose their stupidity and lies. Maybe Ken just needs to take more time in reading Vox. And I hope he does. Ken may be uncomfortable with the fact that if he does win a Hugo, (as translator) a lot of it will be because both the Rabid puppies, as well as the SJWs, voted for him. Why the SJWs do anything is always questionable, but we of the RP side voted for it because The Three Body Problem is GOOD SF. And that’s something we actually care about (but not so much that we won’t nuke the whole of the Hugos if the SJWs aren’t excised from the field. Because if we can’t have a semi-honest popularity contest, which is all the Hugos has become, then we’d rather burn it all to the ground.)

The Graphic Novel Category will be No Awarded. UPDATE: I was wrong on this one, but I can’t be bothered to go look up whatever, love-triangle flavour of gay with were-seals in heat discussing inclusivity it was.

And that’s about all the predictions I think I can make. We’ll see how right or wrong  I was in due course.



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