The Face on Mars

Published in December of 1995, | this was my début as an author despite having previously written some magazine articles in various publications. It was quite ahead of its time and despite many rather risqué predictions from a scientific point of view, it remains current and indeed, subsequent events have in fact proven to fall exactly in line with the main theory of the book with regards to Mars having at one time being inhabited by intelligent beings of indeterminate origin.

I was also, to my knowledge, the first person to really figure out scientifically what had happened to Mars to reduce it to the way we find it today, a situation that as far as we know cannot support higher life. The book has now been updated and is once more available. All the original content remains but a whole 100 pages of information have been added, making this the most comprehensive history of the Face, Mars, what happened on Mars and indeed the start of the real history of humanity here on Earth.

Table of Contents (original)

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Quest Magazine Articles

About a year after my book The Face on Mars was published, I was contacted by a gentleman called Roy Bird who published Quest Magazine, a relatively new publication that was sadly short-lived despite it being quite popular with not only the fringe elements of the scientific community, but (I was reliably informed by one of the editors) also very much established members of high caste science such as Sir Patrick Moore.

To read more about Quest Magazine and also see the articles I wrote for them follow this link.

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