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Roy invited most of the “big names” researching topics such as the Face on Mars and Egyptian Pyramids and so on to large conferences that attracted hudreds of people. It was as a speaker at one of these (and the youngest there by a wide margin) that I got the opportunity to meet people such as Doctor Mark Carlotto, Professor Stanley McDaniel, renowned indipendent researcher John Anthony West and many other relatively well-known people, as well as a few whom asked to remain nameless due to their positions in orthodox fields of science such as NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) whom in confidence admitted to me that as scientists they fully supported my thesis and work but could not do so publicaly if they wanted to keep their jobs. Some of these people were leaders in their fields and I hesitate to mention in what departments exactly because it would then be easy to identify them, but for the sake of argument, let’s say they could be people such as the main designer of the NASA Mars Rover, or a world class astronomer involved with the Cassini Mission or the Clementine Lunar Mission. In other words, not just “some guy who said he worked at NASA”. And for the record, none of the examples I made is really one of them. Probably. 

Quest magazine eventually spent more than it gained in revenue, in part probably due to some mismanagement, which some attributed to Roy replacing his main editor with his son, which may be true or not, as I have no particular insight. Personally I certainly found the original editor a much more professional person to deal with than Roy’s son, but that may have been just my personal experience. In any event, Quest Magazine went bankrupt and many of the contributors to the magazine went unpaid, including yours truly. Despite this, I personally harbour no ill will whatsover to Mr. Bird.

My personal view is that Roy was a decent man who let his passion lead him a bit too far beyond his means, but I am certain for myself at least, that he did not do this maliciously and I harbour no resentment for a few lost fees, I am sure his troubles after all where much larger than those of his contributors. Wherever he is and whatever he is up to, I wish him well. And if he were ever to resurrect Quest Magazine, I for one would be happy to write for him again. I might ask to be paid in advance for the work next time, but I certainly would write for him nonetheless.

The articles I wrote for him are reproduced below for your reading pleasure. 


26th Oct 1996 – The Implications of (Advanced) Life on Mars (Part I of II)

5th Nov 1996 – Martian Implications (Part II of II)

13th Jan 1997 – Mars’ Violent Death

20th Feb 1997 – Antigravity: The Truth Behind it

5th Mar 1997 – Life in the Universe

2nd Apr 1997 – Mythology in the Modern Age

6th May 1997 – Luna — The Next Link

4th Jun 1997 – The Final Conclusion (Part I of the Sol Problem)

5th Jul 1997 – The Sol Problem (Part II)

5th Aug 1997 – The Sol Problem (Part III)

5th Sep 1997 – The Sol Problem (Part IV)

14th Sep 1997 – A Response to some Reader Comments

12th Oct 1997 – NASA, Malin Space Science Systems and the Arcane Lore of Magik!

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