Martian Implications (Part II of II)


Last month I made the argument for Mars having been able to support humanoid life and went on to make what may have seemed like pretty outrageous claims. In brief, I’d like to recapitulate: Mars had large quantities of water at one time, and hence a much denser atmosphere, a temperature range that allowed water to flow (ie suitable for human habitation) and the Martian magnetosphere may have been wiped out by the massive meteoric impacts which Mars was subject to; in a similar way to that where a magnet that is repeatedly struck by a hammer say, will loose its magnetic properties. If the denser atmosphere was a suitable Oxygen-Nitrogen mix (and the Viking soil analysis seems at least to indicate this may have been the case) then of course it’s plain to see that there is no reason why humans could not live in such an environment.

A nice idea, but of course it would be just that, wishful thinking, EXCEPT…

Except that there are several structures on Mars that for all the world look artificial; that is, constructed by intelligent beings. As I have already pointed out last month, ALL the available data we have on the Face and nearby City of pyramids on Mars, when analysed with all the latest computer imaging techniques ALWAYS, and ONLY, seems to indicate that these structures are indeed artificial in nature.


The summary of the last paragraph is factual. It does NOT contain any of MY wishful thinking. There is no astronomer alive that would deny that Mars had large quantities of water on its surface at some point. And woe betide those of you who only want to take my word for it. Get yourself to a library and check for yourself. The Viking imaging team, which could be said to be amongst the most knowledgeable group when it comes to Martian features, estimated that the flash-floods that occurred on Mars were something like two ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE larger than any we have ever had on Earth.

This all makes perfect sense because it fits in with another well accepted idea concerning Mars, an idea, that once again is NOT controversial at all.

Mars went from having large bodies of water to the almost airless corpse that it is today as a result of MASSIVE meteoric bombardment. The Hellas basin is a huge crater measuring over 1600 kilometres across. On the opposite side of the planet we have the Tharsis bulge, a raised hump some 9 kilometres higher than the surrounding area with three huge shield volcanoes atop it, and Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Solar System, lies just off the Tharsis bulge, again, on the opposite side of the Hellas crater. Valles Marineris, a crack that runs for some 4000 kilometres, is up to 700 kilometres wide (although most of it is “only” 100-120 kilometres wide) and has a depth of some 7 kilometres, has its origins once again in the vicinity of the Tharsis bulge and extends towards the Hellas crater, reaching almost halfway to it.

It would be hard to find more conclusive geological evidence that Mars was severely (and adversely) affected by meteoric impact.


Although Valles Marineris is referred to as a Canyon, it’s obvious that it was never carved out by any river, but is in fact a huge crack in the tectonic shell of the planet.

When the asteroid that created Hellas hit, it nearly tore Mars apart, and along with Argyre crater (also in the Southern Hemisphere and measuring some 600 kilometres across) ensured that any large water bodies were boiled off, its atmosphere destroyed along with its magnetosphere, thus allowing ultraviolet rays access to any remaining atmosphere or water and hence the disassociation of the water molecules that is indeed thought to be responsible both for the high oxygen content in the soil (the red colour) and the escaping into space of the lighter hydrogen gasses. Additionally, it has been calculated that the Carbon dioxide expelled by Olympus Mons alone would be sufficient to account for ALL of the Martian atmosphere as we find it today (96% Carbon Dioxide).


Once again, up to now I have said nothing that isn’t already recognized by mainstream Astronomers. The crux of the matter however hinges on the fact that Mars appears to have these remnants of an ancient civilization. Although once again it is an INDISPUTABLE FACT that given the best evidence we have at present these structures SEEM to be artificial, this is where mainstream scientists tend to go very quiet at best and to ridicule the idea in most cases.

Being perhaps less cautious than most, and completely unconcerned as to the effects of my thoughts on my “professional career”, I decided (not unlike MANY professional astronomers) to ask myself “what if…?” and the what if in question I ask publicly (UNLIKE most professional astronomers), being the possibility that those structures really ARE the remnants of an ancient civilisation. At once several rather astonishing things become apparent, as I have pointed out last month, the most obvious being that there would have had to be some link between the “Martians” and Earth.

And indeed the link exists[1]and is to be found in the many “unexplainable” monuments we have on Earth. Furthermore, terraforming of either Mars or Earth would have had to be the case and this in turn is indicative of a very advanced technology, something we would have already suspected anyway given the connection between Mars and Earth (travelling from Mars to Earth is no picnic!). And here we (finally) reach the whole point of my “rantings”. The technology to allow easy travel between Mars and Earth, to allow the building of structures like the Face on Mars and the baffling buildings with huge 1000 ton plus monolithic blocks in them is anti-gravity. A word that modern science dislikes intensely. Why it should is a mystery to me, because Thomas Townsend Brown developed crude anti-gravity machines in the 1940s and 50s, having first discovered the anti-gravity principle in 1922 or 23. Brown build 3 foot wide discs (flying saucers) that travelled (flew) at just over 5 metres per second (this was recorded in laboratory conditions with other scientists present). The only problem Brown had was in placing the power source for the production of the necessary voltage into the discs, even so, speeds of several hundred miles per hour using voltages of 100,000 to 200,000 were easily envisioned, and since his discs performed even better in vacuum than in air, the obvious thing to do would have been to develop them for space travel, which was in any event, Brown’s original idea to begin with. Sadly though, when Brown demonstrated his work to the US Navy, the results were so impressive that everything was immediately classified. And has remained so since his demonstration in 1953.[2]

So…the US Navy has had some 43 years in which to develop (in total secrecy) a method of propulsion that if it works according to the best knowledge we have of physics today would allow at the very least the transfer of items inside such a craft at unheard of speeds. It would take a rather lengthy discussion on relativity (gravity) theory  to explain why, but in addition to allowing movements that in a normal craft would kill the occupants (due to high G-forces) it would also allow invisibility by bending of light waves around the craft, or at least very weird lighting effects and the ability to seemingly appear and disappear on the spot.

It could also allow faster than light travel by creating stable, localized wormholes. Again, space prevents me from explaining the very real science behind such “fantastic” concepts, but for an excellent book that puts all the knowledge we currently have about gravity, black holes and the possibilities of faster than light travel in easy to grasp format, I refer you to Kip Thorne’s Black Holes & Time Warps (Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy).


Any of this sound familiar? Any of this do you think….might say….oh…I don’t know…explain all them nuts seeing “flying saucers” and weird light-shows all over the place?

But that’s another story. The point is that if the Face on Mars IS artificial then the people that lived there had a technology that would have allowed them to PREVENT the natural collision of large meteorites with their planet, something we can do ourselves today if we have a little advance warning of the offending object.

But there is no doubt that Mars perished as a result of HUGE meteorite impacts.

The only sensible way to explain this, if we start from the premise that Martians really did exist, is that the death of Mars was no accident at all.

Another nice idea for a SF movie I thought when I first realized this, but nevertheless I looked at Mars yet again to see if this utterly preposterous idea could in any way have any basis in reality.

Guess what. Yep…I spent days thinking that I was crazy at first, that I was just seeing things I wanted to see,  so I looked harder. And then I started to think something else. That there is no possible way on Earth that I could be the ONLY one to have seen this. Once you have all the pieces the answer is obvious. It really is…I’ll show you. See if you conclude the same thing I did.

You already know the basics of Martian geology etc. Here is some more:

Mars has many (over 100) well documented (photographed) ancient dried up river beds, most of them (the vast majority. I am currently trying to give this population some kind of number in terms of percentages and tentatively and conservatively I’d say between 60 and 90%) lie in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Southern hemisphere of Mars is also cratered from 10 to a 100 TIMES more than the Northern hemisphere. A disproportionate amount of the larger craters are to be found in the Southern Hemisphere.


The moons of Mars are supposed to be captured asteroids but are in a circular equatorial orbit (both of them) for which there is no explanation in any natural astronomical model (captured asteroid should have elliptical orbits angled to the equator).

Their orbits around Mars are so unique that when first discovered they were thought to be artificial in nature and were in fact believed to be space stations of the “Martians”.


Two more bits of knowledge that are not common but that are obvious to anyone with a smattering of astronomical knowledge : The atom bomb is a pitifully ineffective weapon if you’re trying to wipe out some serious numbers of people. An asteroid travelling at 20 km per second of some 30 km in diameter is far more efficient. The planet dwellers might shoot missiles at it to break it up but the “chunks” would still be large enough to kill off quite a bit of resistance, and if the war continues for long enough, the planet dwellers are eventually bound to loose. After most resistance has crumbled one or two large (intact) asteroid would reach the surface whole, without having been hit by asteroid-busting missiles. These would put an end to the whole fight, by effectively destroying all living things on the planet.

The oldest craters on Mars are the smaller ones, as they lie “below” the two most recent events that occurred on Mars, guess what they are. The two huge craters, Hellas and Argyre, responsible for the Tharsis bulge and the Shield volcanoes.

Phobos (the Martian moon that is a mere 5980 kilometres above Mars) has a huge crater on it called Stickney that funnily enough faces towards the planet. Cracks radiate from this crater all-round the moonlet. One more thing…remember the uneven bombardment on the southern side of Mars and how most rivers also used to lie on the Southern side? Take an Atlas and look at where most large cities on Earth are located….funny isn’t it….right on the banks of rivers.


Suggesting that Phobos and Deimos are left over “bullets” unused in the terrible Martian war and that the survivors of that conflict somehow came to Earth as “Gods” may be sensationalist. It may be labelled “unscientific” even, certainly the available data is limited, but (and it’s a big BUT) given the data we DO have, it seems to be the idea with the best fit.

Consider also…if my suggestions are correct, is it any wonder that anti-gravity technology is the most important secret of the military forces of this planet (because the Americans are not alone in developing this tech for the last 40-something years). I for one think not. After all, it’s easy to divert a 20 km rock with a small antigravity machine, and we know there are enough cretins on this planet to attempt just that.

A few more “coincidences” I cannot devote more space to but which I hope you’ll consider:

1. Mars has been the God of War in EVERY culture than knew of it regardless of geographical location.

2. Nasa shot footage from the Discovery Space Shuttle on Sep. 15 1991 showed unequivocally what can really only be described as a UFO that makes manoeuvres that would subject occupants to some 14,000 Gs of force. Something that machinery, never mind people could not survive unless we apply anti-gravity principles.[3]

3. The word Cairo comes from the Arabic and etymologically Cairo means Mars.






[1] I know it seems like shameless self-promotion, but I can’t help wanting to justify such bold claims in a truly objective fashion, and the only way to do that in a 2000 word article is to refer you yet again, to the more complete book I wrote, The Face on Mars, which is about 150,000 words plus and contains extensive references. A new re-print will be issued if enough interest is shown, so register your interest here.

[2] Don’t take my word for anything remember, here’s just two of the non-classified patent numbers that Brown was issued in the US for his flying discs: (he also received some patents outside the US).

300,311         Nov 14 1928 A method and apparatus or Machine for producing force or motion.

3,187,206      June 1 1965 Electrokinetic Apparatus

[3]A good analysis of this footage can be found in Hoagland’s Video (Hoagland’s Mars Vol. 2 extended version) available from BC Mars Video 19 Gregory Drive South Burlington, VT 05403 USA. My views concerning the other information found on this video though are not necessarily those of Hoagland except for the Nasa shot footage I mention.

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