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Pizzagate and Assassination Politics

1. Name Them and Prove it

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see to it pedophiles were garrotted in their sleep for their crimes? And the people doing it get rewarded for their courage and effort?

Theoretically, how would such a system work, given that modern governments are very often the very hub of circles of pedophilia on an industrial scale, affecting the judiciary, the police, and the very law-makers supposed to defend the defenceless?

The Pedophile Globalist/Marxist/Elite

If you are late to the party on Pizzagate it probably means you only watch the old soviet style propaganda machine that is now known as the Main Stream Media. Here is a primer for you and if you scratch beyond the surface you will see it implicates people like the Clintons and their associates directly.

This sort of thing is by no means new or unknown. Google the following if you have a strong stomach:

• The Franklin Scandal

• 1400 children raped by “Asian” gangs in UK

• Jimmy Saville and the BBC coverup

• Jeffry Epstein and Pedophile Island

• Hollywood and Pedophilia

But what can NORMAL people do?

For a start, educate yourself, secondly, spread the word. Research, find the links, record it and put it online. The internet is forever.

Secondly, if you are in any way in a position of authority make a CLEAR and unambiguos act that shows you are not only not one of these sick fucks, but that you are at war against them. And I mean war. These people rape children. Torture them for fun. Kill them and eat their bodies in some cases for their own sick pleasure. Yes it’s horrific. Yes it’s hard to think about. In fact its so hard to think about many of us would rather try to imagine its not happening at all. But it is. And it’s harder to be one of those kids these monsters harm. So buckle up. Put your armour on and get ready to take scalps.

Third, these people and their kind have been around a long time, they are powerful, influential and connected. It’s not going to be an easy fight and they are more than ready to kill to protect themselves and their evil deeds.

Normal, decent people should be similarly willing to go to war with evil when it is necessary. If the judiciary and the powerful are grossly involved, if there is no will from the MSM and the ruling bodies to even investigate and expose these people, never mind bringing them to justice, the normal people are left with only two options:

1. Widespread revolt with huge blood spillage, which invariably and unfortunately has huge collateral damage and often replaces the evil doers with just another sect of violent criminals.

Or, potentially (possibly?), at least in theory:

2. Assassination Politics (Modified)

If you don’t know what Assassination Politics is, that’s because over 20 years ago the man who wrote an essay on it was jailed, his access to the internet severely affected and basically the very concept was mostly memory holed.

Here is his original essay:

Now, with some modification, theoretically at least, it would be possible to use encrypted money, such as bitcoin and the technology Jim Bell saw more than 20 years ago to ensure that actual pedophiles, especially ones that are “beyond” the “law” because they are part of the cabal of child molesters that are deeply embedded in many western governments, get what justice rightfully demands they should get. You know, as part of a totally coincidental and fully anonymous lottery game payout.

3. Reality

The practicalities of actually setting up something like a real Assassination Politics hub might technically not be very difficult, but in reality they would be hazardous in the extreme at the very least. Consider:

• The powerful pedophile networks would certainly go after anyone brave enough to set such a service up. Individuals would no doubt be hounded by the laws of whatever country their servers resided in, and if that failed, given the force these people have the ability to bring to bear, you would no doubt suffer a suiciding event. Probably you would kill yourself by shooting yourself in the back 8 times with a nail gun, while jumping from a building with no openable windows. Hey, if it can happen to bankers (dozens in the last three years), it sure can happen to you.

• Assuming you’re a tech wizard able to hide from any private hackers and hitman, the reality is that you may very well be hounded by NSA levels of government force-hacking. If Pizzagate is so deeply embedded with people like the Clintons, there literally is no level of force that cannot be brought to bear. Including military hardware.

The result of all this is that realisitically, a true effort to allow entrepreneurial citizens to exact swift justice on pedophiles, even if it were to be done by means of Assassination Politics technology, would have to be under the protection and sanction of an equally powerful counterforce, which to all intents and purposes implies either an actual government (Russia and the Philippines currently seem the only countries with leaders that might, even if only tacitly, support such an effort) or a philanthropic billionaire of “I have my own secret Island base with ninjas” level of power.

4. The Anti-Soros Crusader

So. Any super rich oligarch that is NOT a pedophile and who actually would like to see pedophiles all shoved in large, unmarked, mass graves: There is a moral vacuum we are hoping you’ll fill real soon. 

Or Putin. We can always put our hopes in Saint Putin of Moscow.


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