Project Prevention in UK – I agree with them!

You may have seen them in the news recently, and if so, I wanted to let you know a couple of things the media does NOT always tell you about this story.

Barbara Harris, the woman behind the organisation called Project Prevention, which offers £200 to drug addicts to receive either long-term contraception or sterilisation, has herself adopted 4 children of 8 born to a drug addict from Los Angeles.

One of the things that they do not mention so readily is that sterilisation is only one of the options available and only about a third of her clients apparently chose this. One of the better shorter interviews with Barbara and Lynn Paltrow that opposes the work that Barbara tries to do, is to be found here on one of the CNN websites.

I think that anyone that disagrees with this woman should do at least as much as she has. So if you are one of those slimy individuals like Ms. Paltrow, who can do no better than mudsling in the name of their politically correct, utopian, and completely unrealistic la-la-land in which hardened junkies make the best parents, then I suggest you keep your mouth firmly shut unless you have adopted at least four crack babies.

Whatever you think of her methods, I would say Barbara Harris walks her talk. And for that alone she would have my respect. As it happens I also tend to firmly agree with her. She has been accused of being a Nazi, of being racist and of trying to perform eugenics on the poor and more vulnerable members of society.

This is of course utter rubbish and are simply outright insults with no basis in fact, as even a cursory examination of the facts clearly shows. But then, logic and common sense has never been the forte of the type of people that I feel Ms. Paltrow is the poster-child for. I need to think of a name for them. Loony Left is the common name of the same idiots that ran government in the UK until recently, but it really does not go as far as it should in properly labelling these moronic sub-species of Homo Stupidicus.

If it seems I think Ms. Paltrow is an idiot, let me add, that it pales into comparison with how stupid I think Alistair Darling is. What, pray tell, does the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer have to do with Barbara Harris? Well, he was on the THIS WEEK Show on TV this Thursday night, alongside Michael Portillo being asked his opinion of her work.

And Alistair Darling was just too stupid to understand the situation. Honestly. There is no other way to put it. This guy is beyond stupid he is some kind of protozoic life form. His statements were (I paraphrase):

“Well, I am not sure that giving these people money to become sterilised will get rid of their drug problem…” and when he was told REPEATEDLY that this was NOT the point of the program?

“Well, you know, I don’t think giving drug addicts money makes them better people…”

This carried on for a while. The guy is just too fucking stupid to understand the concept that actually, it’s not about giving drug addicts money to make them stop taking drugs, but rather to make them stop reproducing. And this guy was in charge of the country’s economy for the last few years?!? No wonder there is a recession on. Seriously. On a civilised planet Alistair Darling would be euthanased out of OUR misery. After all, he obviously suffered complete brain death long ago. He should really stop stealing so much oxygen. What a cretin. I am normally rather cynical when it comes to politicians of all kinds, but this display of complete inability to grasp even simple concepts in his own mother tongue, despite repeated explanations by the show’s host, was just flabbergasting.

Alistair Darling wins my 2010 prize for being the stupidest asshole alive in UK politics, and any of you that follow that rabid pack of knuckle-deep-nose-pickers knows this is quite the award with such a vast gene pool of defective genes from which to pick.

If you want to know a little more about some shocking statistics concerning heavy drug users and their pregnancies, try to listen to Barbara’s own little youtube video here. Try 121 pregnancies between 20 women. And keep in mind that those babies would all be born addicted already. in the best of cases and without even mentioning all the other issues they would be subjected to as a result of their environment.

As far as I am concerned, Barbara Harris is an amazing person, providing a viable solution to a problem that is so horrific and so difficult to control that almost no one wants to face it. I salute her and support her. So much so I have asked an online funding group to add them to their list of available charities we can sponsor. It may take a little while, but when it happens you can bet that I will post it here and add my own donation to whatever I decide the target will be.

In the meantime, if you wish to DONATE to her cause you can do so by clicking here.

Until then, I can only hope that Assassination Politics takes off somewhere soon and then we can all start playing the “lotto” on people like Alistair.

6 Responses to “Project Prevention in UK – I agree with them!”

  1. Vicola says:

    I agree with ensuring that junkies don’t have babies but not permanent sterilisation as this leaves no opportunity to change your mind if you manage to get clean. I’d go for implants that can be removed if the person gets off the crap they’re on. You could give a further £50 every time they come back in to get the implant renewed to ensure that they keep it up to date and effective and not remove it until they’ve provided 12 months of clear test results.

    • G says:

      She does offer long term contraception. I really am not sure where the media gets the idea she travels around strapping people to a gurney and forcing sterilisation on them, possibly with red hot pokers. What I find absolutely ridiculous from the camp that is up in arms about her offering sterilisation as an option is that these same people apparently have no problem with a junkie taking the conscious and informed decision to:
      1) Start shooting up on crack
      2) Have unprotected sex
      3) Get pregnant in such a way that they condemn the newborn to at the very least being an addict AT BIRTH, and quite possibly have a horrific and short-lived existence.
      4) Be unable/unwilling to properly care for any infant born due to their addiction

      So all of the above are OK are they? But God forbid they make the conscious informed decision to get sterilised for a few hundred bucks. Good God no! That would be wrong and unethical. What the hell is wrong with people that think like this? No seriously, I want to know. They should be made to work in a ward of kids born to crack addicts for 5 years. Then let’s see their thoughts. It does seem to me sometimes, as if I really was dropped off here by a passing spaceship. If aliens ever invade this planet, I am siding with them.

  2. Tony Hoffart says:

    Fantastic points and very cool. If you can add a bit more context about the interviews (links are cool but pointing out specific points and counterpoints and who all was involved) I promise to link the shit out of this.

    • G says:

      I’m doing what I can with the time I have…I leave in 3 weeks for Brazil and a wedding in 5 weeks. I don’t event have my clothes sorted, still have to pack stuff in storage, finish the editing of my imminent book, get a US tax number, sort a bunch of stuff with the publishers, do a promotional video, set up a promo-page so people know about the book and a bunch of other stuff. Not even mentioning the fact I still also do other normal things like eat, occasionally try to sleep 2-3 hours, and also get in touch with friends who are here for only a few days etc.
      So….please link it anyway my loyal minion. When I eventually take over I will give you a nice little principality in Monrovia somewhere, where the females are pretty and hungry!

  3. Tony Hoffart says:

    Your schedule sounds more productive than mine… so perhaps I will do as you suggest.

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