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So called Pick-Up-Artists (PUAs) have a very real need to get some training. In reading comprehension. The cartoon above is a subtle hint from me to the various “Captains of America” that perpetuate this sorry state of affairs.

Anyone even just remotely familiar with me, or this site, should by now have a pretty clear understanding of my views of PUAs. Especially since I gave a rather full description of my views here.

But it seems I may have been a little timid. I say this because I have recently received yet another e-mail from a PUA asking me to trade links with him, what follows is for your entertainment. Here is the e-mail I got:

Hey Johnny,

I have a win win proposal, which will help your rankings in the US and mine in the UK.

Both my websites are exact keyword matches, relevant to yours, both registered on yahoo directory and they only have a couple of outgoing links. So they should give your website some great link juice!

I’m looking to do a link exchange with your website http://www.gfilotto.com – I have two websites http://www.pua.co.uk and http://www.pickupartist.co.uk

So I can link to your website with any keyword that you choose from one of my two websites. Then can you link to the other website.

That way google won’t recognise this as a reciprical link exchange and we will get lots of seo bonus!

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Best Regards,


Apart from the fact my name is not Johnny, which sort of highlights the problem really, it is clear that Sam has never taken the time to even cursorily read this blog. He got some “result” from some geeky study of blog keywords, and for some reason (possibly this post I did a while back about sex and relationships) decided that he and I would be great buddies and had a similar view on life, women and no doubt, The Game* too.

Saddened by this misguided youth, I replied in what I thought would be a forthright manner in keeping with my shy, wallflower personality. I kept it short and to the point:

reading comprehension forms a large part of my site’s reading demographic’s required skills.

And this is me being polite gentle readers. Those of you who know me, know that subtlety and fine diplomacy are not my forte.

The reply I received not even five minutes later?

Hi G,
Sorry I don’t understand what you mean?

Clearly Sam. Clearly.

This is really part of what is wrong with the world today in many respects. Everyone seems to be frantically trying to make Google keywords happy instead of producing anything useful, or communicating with other human beings in a normal, human, interesting way.

This topic is vast and has been on my mind a while, and relates to my concept of Conscious Evolution (which will develop a lot more in the coming months as I refine the current link to it and add various things there beyond the simple page that exists now). It also, relates to the whole mega-industry of self-help gurus and the virulent spread of the kind of nonsense perpetuated by things like The Secret* and its sometimes murderous exponents, who get prime time on Oprah by the way.

I think it is time people like Sam actually learnt to live instead of further perfect their Google keyword hacking for the purpose of additional traffic to their “blog”, which will in any case mostly be composed of other people who have minds similar to Sam’s and will move on after 0.6 seconds because there’s not enough porn, or video of a monkey ,or possibly a video of monkey porn on the page.

Hypocritically then, I feel somehow compelled to link you to some monkey porn. Think of it as my way to say thanks for reading this far. Although, of course, you may just be a monkey-porn automated search script. Working for google.

* A Book so shitty and filled with hyperbole and lies that I refuse to link to it. Entertainingly written though.

* A “film/docu-crap-drama” so shitty and filled with hyperbole and lies that I refuse to link to it. Read some real physics instead or Bad Science by Ben Goldacre.

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  1. Tony Hoffart says:

    Best story I’ve read all week. I love commiserating about being beset by stupid people.

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